Walmart Plans to Hire 100 More software developers in India for its E-Commerce Platform

BANGALORE: Walmart Stores plans to hire 100 more software developers in India for its e-commerce platform.

The new platform is designed to connect Walmart’s digital and physical properties worldwide giving customers and suppliers a seamless way to interact and shop across any device or store anywhere in the world.

The company is looking to recruit engineering talent in the areas of high scale computing, network infrastructure, systems administration and big data.

Over the last five months, @WalmartLabs has been building its India operations with a focus on social and digital technology. It has hired 20 developers of the initial targeted 100.

Company officials said the developers’ headcount here is planned to go to 200, including the additional 100 hiring, by the end of the current calendar year.

“In the past few months, @WalmartLabs India has attracted best-of-class talent into the group”, Jeremy King, Senior Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer of Walmart Global e-Commerce, told a press conference here.

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