Documents Required for UPSC CSE Interview Process 2022

Documents Required for UPSC CSE Interview : Here we will cover the documents required for UPSC IAS interview. The interview round is part of mains itself, unlike popular belief. So making it to the IAS 2022 interview is commendable as half the journey is already covered. This is the round where you make it or break it

UPSC CSE Interview

UPSC CSE Interview Documents

First of all, let us go ahead and discuss what are the documents required when going for the interview. Yes you heard it right, there is a checklist of documents that you need to take for the UPSC Interview

Below are the list of documents :- 

  1. Matriculation Certificates (original) to verify your DOB and name 
  2. Original Degree Certificates to validate your educational qualification
  3. Self-attested copy of your degree certificate, Matriculation certificate
  4. Recent Passport size photos and the printout of the e-summon letter

List of Other documents that could be needed

  • Caste and Tribe Certificate In Original
  • Original Physical Disability Certificate
  • TA Forms – If you are from another place, proof of journey as well.
  • For Medical 8-10 passport size photos.
  • Medical Prescriptions if any 

Fundamental Overview of Questions In UPSC CSE Interview 

  • Profile Related : Professional background, hobbies, name, place of birth, areas of interest
  • Current Affairs Related : Insights and comments on current affairs. Keep the current affairs strong
  • Situational Questions : Situational questions check how efficient you would be on the ground level to understand on spot thinking and understanding
  • Behavioral Questions : To assess your personality and your behaviour under pressure. How confident and nervous you are will be evaluated

Alongside, there are UPSC Interview Questions Related To City, State, Native State, e.g. such as recent welfare schemes launched by the state government, or list of things that you love about the state, things that need attention, and what changes do you as a candidate propose for areas of improvement in Industrial and Economic Scenarios, etc.

There are also UPSC Interview Questions Related To Educational Background, such as testing your knowledge on the subject you have graduated from, the choice of your optional subject, reasons for selecting the optional subject, and questions about school, college, or university. 

In the interview round, along with the sections mentioned above, they would also check your attributes such as your decision making, communication skill, planning, leadership qualities, integrity, understanding the problem and decision-making skills under pressure, commitment to goals, etc.

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