Ubuntu finally comes to mobile in 2013 and Ubuntu Phone OS coming in 2014

Ubuntu maker Canonical is getting into the smartphone business in a big way. The company has announced it’s developing a version of its popular Linux-based operating system designed to run on smartphones, with the first Ubuntu Phone OS handsets scheduled to hit the streets in 2014 and Ubuntu on Android in 2013.


Meanwhile, this year the company plans to partner with Android smartphone makers to ship the first devices featuring “Ubuntu on Android,” a solution that lets you dock your Android phone to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to use your phone as a full-fledged desktop computer. When you’re away from your desk, you can use your phone as a normal Android handset.

  • It is highly compatible with the current line of operating systems so the current manufacturers for android devices will not have much to worry about with regards to compatibility.
  • It requires the same drivers as those of android only with lesser memory requirements.
  • It wont be using the Java Virtual Machine unlike android do that the OS has complete control over the device.
  • The galaxy nexus 4 is the phone on which it is currently being tested and initial results have been well received.
  • The use of thumb gestures to ply a huge role in navigation through the system.
  • Multitasking would be much more efficient and battery usage is also a notch higher than that if other operating systems currently in the market.
  • It is highly secure but will also allow porting of android apps to its platform.
  • Canonical says that they have improved the design is also better than most of the operating systems of the  current generation.
  • The file system structure is much more organized.
  • It will always be connected to the Ubuntu cloud and the storage will be higher than that of current cloud service providers.
  • Canonical has roped in multiple partners for equipment manufacturing and the first phone may be an asus device.

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