Torry Harris India Planning for Recruitment 400 people in H1 2012

Torry Harris Business Solutions, a niche IT services firm , which is spurred by the success of several initiatives in the integration, SOA and Mobile App Development areas in the Telecommunications domain has announced it is recruiting the 400 + people in the first half of 2012.

The recruits will start joining the company from the beginning of the year 2012 as per the hiring targets for the first two quarters of the year. “This is a great opportunity for the new hires, since they will be exposed early on to leading edge technologies such as Service-oriented Architecture, Cloud Integration and development of mobile apps for businesses” said Shuba Sridhar, Regional Manager (Technical Services), Torry Harris Business Solutions.

The fast-paced growth of the company’s European operations coupled with its good performance in emerging markets like Africa, has continued to create a healthy demand.


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