Top 5 best Entry Level IT jobs for Recent Graduates in India

Are you at the beginning your adventure with IT industry and you’re not sure which career path to choose? If the answer is “yes”, this is definitely article for you.


1. Web developer

Web developers not only build a websites but they also analyze users needs and try to create more user-friendly web service. The basic tools of their work are scripting languages and web technologies. They must be familiar with design as well what requires a visual capabilities. So if you don’t have a big experience in typical software developer job but you feel confident in design and artistic stuff, web development is a good point to start you career.

According to Bureau of Labor and Statistics number of job offer for web developers will increase 20% in next 8 years.

2. System analyst

The task of computer system analyst is to build a bridge between programmers (and software that they have created) and users. They need a high technical skills and business knowledge as well. The position typically calls for a bachelor’s degree and several years of experience in IT and business.

Predicted growth of job offers for this position is 25% till 2022.

3. Software developer

Popular and still very profitable path of career. Software developers are the most crucial element of each company involved in creating or maintaining software. High salaries and huge market demands are a reason why you should seriously consider career of software developer.

Bureau of Labor and Statistics predicts 22% growth in job offers between 2012-2022.

4. Information security analyst

Approximately 10,000 new computer viruses are released every month. No wonder there is a huge demand for security specialists.

Information security analyst or if you prefer data security analyst, try to find security vulnerabilities and craft policies and procedures to keep an organization’s information safe.

Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates 37 % growth between 2012 – 2022 in jobs for data security analysts, what is really impressive change.

5. Mobile applications developer

It seems that nowadays mobile developer is a rockstar. Salaries in this profession grow fastest in the entire industry of IT (10,2 % only between 2014-2015). And no wonder – the whole world got crazy about mobile applications. For entry-level tech jobs in this area, employers typically look for workers who have a four-year degree in engineering or computer science (or an associate’s degree plus work experience).

If you have a big aspirations and you are not afraid of challenges – career path of mobile developer is something for you.


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