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Government Data Centre, Tamilnadu

TNGDC: With the objective of having a more good analysis of financial data and better budgeting by analysis of the accounts of the Tamil Nadu government using electronic data processing equipment. The Tamil Nadu Government has established the Central Budget Data Processing Centre in 1971 and Government data center. The main aim of the Government of Tamilnadu to use the electronic data processing facilities in due course to have the nucleus of the Management Information System for Government. Hence, a full-fledged Government Data Centre which was founded in 1972.


Tamil Nadu Government Data Centre:

For administrative convenience both the centers which were combined and the TN Data Center which was founded in 1975. This Government data center now deals with the respective functions:

1. Contributory Pension Scheme
2. GPF Scheme for the employee of Puratchi Thalaivar MGR Nutritious Meal and Integrated Child Development Services
3. Announcing results for the examination which is conducted by the Directorate of Government Examination.

Tamil Nadu government

TN Government Data Centre has been providing the results of all the examinations which is conducted by Directorate of Government Examinations. The data processing of examination will be followed as:

  • Higher Secondary (+2 Std)
  • SSLC (10th Std)
  • Eight Std. School Study Certificate
  • Rural Talent Search Examination
  • Diploma in Teacher Training
  • National Talent Search Examination
  • National Means Cum Merit Scholarship
  • Technical Examinations

Here are some related examinations of Govt Data Centre

Issue of revised certificate for re-totaling/revaluation which effects the applicants
Providing statistical particulars which are acquired by the data center Chennai Examinations.

TN Data center

The processing of examination work will be done by only with the support of modern in-house facilities and having the manpower, be adhering to the schedule dates with care and believing confidently. Thiru S. Gopalakrishnan, I.A.S., is the Principal Secretary and Commissioner. N.Sivakumar works as a Programmer.

Government Data Centre

Government Data has provided Contributory Pension Scheme to the Panchayat Union Schools/Aided Institutions/ Municipal Schools and Local Body employees according to the G O Ms No.201, Finance Department which is dated 21.5.2009. The work of Contribution Pension Scheme for Government servants will be given to the government data center from the Accountant General office in the financial year 2013-14 in G O Ms. No.463, Finance Department of date 27.12.2013. The Government Data Centre has 4,46,303 employees of recognized contributory systems of government data.

Government Data Centre aim is to provide more meaningful analysis of financial data and good budgeting through analysis of the accounts of the state by using electronic data processing equipment for govt data center. The Government established the Central Budget Data Processing facilities within the course to form the nucleus of the Management Information system for Government for government data. And full-fledged Government data center was formed in 1972. For the purpose of administrative convenience both the above centers were combined and the government data center was formed in 1975 of Tamilnadu government. This center will deal with the following functions

Contributory Pension Scheme
GPF Scheme provides the employee of Puratchi Thalaivar MGR Nutritious Meal and integrated child development services
Processing of results for the examinations which was conducted by the Directorate of Government Examination.

For processing the accounts of the employees of non-provincialised of local bodies, the online provision which was made by NIC to have the complete details of the deduction which are made from the employees and also contribution made by the local bodies of tngdc. The work is being continued by the similar DDOs of the local bodies and the local fund audit department have to audit their accounts by the online itself and forward it to the Government data center for processing.


The CPS account slips offered for Government Servants, Aided Institutions, Panchayat Union Schools, and Municipal Schools were announced up to the year 2015-16 for the candidates who can apply. The account slips were also visited on the public network. For having the accounts of non-provincialised employees of Local Bodies, By NIC online provision will be made to have the complete details regarding the deduction which is made by the employees and also the contribution by the Local Bodies. The Local Fund Audit Department has to audit their main accounts from online itself and has to forward it through the Government Data Centre for processing. People who are having doubts in TNGDC those can check out these steps or people can also visit the Tamil Nadu Government Portal.


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