Telangana State to be declared as 29th State of India with Hyderabad as Common Capital for 10 Years | UPA members unanimously agree


New Delhi / Hyderabad: The ruling UPA coalition has unanimously endorsed a separate state of Telangana, a precursor to the big announcement of India’s 29th state in a few hours

Sources say there could be a one-line declaration soon, announcing the formation of Telangana and saying that “modalities will be worked out”.

  • Partition of  Telangana From Andhra Pradesh with Hyderabad being the common capital for 10 years , but there are serious concerns about whether this is going to be a short term measure or a long term one and also who has rights over Hyderabad’s revenue

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy is meeting the PM and party president Sonia Gandhi along with other senior Congress leaders. He has reportedly been persuaded not to resign in protest against the Congress’s decision.


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