Story of a Fresher Graduate in Search of a JOB

Fresher-Graduate-Bangalore-Looking-for-Job-in-ITNaresh Lal, 23, had a dream. In 2008 he enrolled in an obscure engineering college in Indore where he paid an annual fee of Rs 4.5 lakh for a four-year course. Lal was the first in the family to go to college. “My father was happy that I’d be a software engineer and get a good job at one of the IT firms,” says Lal.

It didn’t quite work out that way. After graduating last year, Lal did not land a job for months. A move to Bangalore  the cradle of software services  followed, but the job didn’t. Sporadically he would get leads of a recruitment drive from his friends and they would all flock to the IT firm’s campus. “There would be a long line of 3,000-4,000 people,” he says. Overwhelmed, companies would have little option but to call in just a fraction of that number for the interview, and ask the others to go.

In February this year, Lal moved out of Bangalore to Bhopal where he joined a small IT company. “They said they will start paying after three months,” he says. Five months of working without pay wore Lal down, who early this month returned to Indore. “I had thought after my college I will ease my father’s burden. I feel terrible that I am myself a burden today.”

Lal (whose name has been changed as he did not want to reveal his identity) is not alone. Some 500 engineers graduate out of his college every year. Indore alone has roughly 150 such colleges. Across India, close to 17.6 lakh engineers graduated from 3,500-odd engineering colleges in 2012-13. Beyond the 2 lakh who would have passed from Tier I and II institutions, virtually all of the remaining may well be staring at a predicament similar to that of Lal.

“I haven’t seen anything like this in my career since my early Infosys days,” says TV Mohandas Pai, who joined the IT services giant in 1994, and is now chairman at Manipal Global Education. “Nobody is hiring IT, manufacturing, infrastructure, construction, government…nobody. Jobseekers are despondent. They are losing hope.”



  1. There are way too many people in the IT firm, therefore lack of jobs is a valid reason. I did my engineering too, in Biotechnology. Job scene is the WORST, the maximum pay would be 5000 rupees per month after slogging the entire day. So I assumed a higher education would do me good. I was refused to do MSc and was forced to take up MTech. I went out of my way and came to London to do a course in Cancer Research, international students are not allowed work visas anymore, leaving me with no job and they refuse to give me a job in my own country because they need a minimum of 10 years experience to work in this field and the max pay for a person with 10 yrs experience is 22K. This is because there are too many IT jobs and none in lifescience field. I call bullshit on IT engineers not getting a job. Talk about the fate of people who spent nearly 35 lakhs studying in one of the top universities in the world and not getting job

    1. Mr. Optimist, 1st of all i would say that the job market at this point of time is same for all streams. I really feel bad about what all had happened with you after spending so much money. Lets come to IT, here in India every year around thousands of IT grads comes to Bangalore with the same hope of getting job in IT hub. Openings are there but job seekers are 1000 times more.
      IT grads are experiencing the worst experience at dis moment.

  2. My story is also same.First I am not eligible for most of interviews as they have increased the percentage criteria from 60 to 70 % and thus prevented me to focus on the landing of IT job and now am going to purse a PG which is away from technical line.

  3. the all engineers have the same story even they passout from the iit or they have a big source in any it companies like tcs ,ibm ,ifosys, Wipro,tech mahindara and they all are trying to move in govt. sector this way the recession never goes and a unemployment never gone our government must take some action and the profitably step on this seriously otherwise after a few year the engineer have to work as a lobour of as a per day cost
    it will shame on our country and govt. as well

  4. Its a curse for us today….
    I am 2011 batch guy….Same story Here and wherever & whoever I seem today has it…..Only difference is their State of education and year of passout…….

  5. realityyyy babeee!!!! ek labour worker bhi ek fresher engg. se khi jada kmata hai… monthlyyyy….. half engg are doing free training after the competion of btech in IT COMPANIES

  6. me 2 are come in this categories…..we realise now what the use of such knoledge even one can not get even job after so much hard work.

  7. There are so many Lal’s in this country struggling without job some are doing marketing, sales jobs some are sitting at home waiting for the call from the company where applied ……..

    No requirement or jobs for IT proffessionals is not true there are requirements for fresher BE, BTech, MCA, MCS and other IT degree holders.
    Following are the reasons why IT graduates not getting jobs:

    1. lack of aptitude knowledge, every IT company nowadays have the first round as general aptitude round this is companies strategy to clear out many candidates b’coz company knows that every graduate is not perfect in mathematics specially reasoning, aptitude.

    2. Educational criteria throughout 60% and above…. the best possible way of filtering candidates is from percentage criteria it will help companies to cutoff the no. of application for eg., from 400 to 150 or 100 after filtering. This is very ridiculous part criteria according to my opinion is our,10th or Highschool, 12th or HigherSecondary does not have any type of relation with the IT as there is no use of sanskrit, hindi or social science requirement in programming languages. As their are many student who are intelligent but they do not have high percentages in 10th and 12th.

    3. Poor communication, english is a must for every field, colleges must take an initiative steo to train for communication skills conducting personality development, mock interview sessions etc. but this is not going to happen in indian colleges as these colleges are hungry for money only by establishing costly buildings of colleges to attract students and,giving false selection list in big mnc,companies.

    4. Lack of domain expertisation i.e. Ocjp, mcts, redhat linux etc….,would really help to get prioritize our resume.

    At last I am also the unemployed MCA post graduate not yet placed anywhere still searching for the job.

    Best of luck to the unemployed friend hope for the day when we will be working in some big MNC’s stick and grab the opportunity whenever available do not miss the chance remember our motto is english, mathematics and a lot of practice………………

    Hope the best will come for us…

  8. To all my Indian unemployed friends…we should not wait for job a long period….we have to create a own job to earn money…we should not depend on our parents…iam also btech graduate 2011 passout…i have worked in diffrent fields where a graduate can works…now a days btech is for only enjoy their life in a latest style but not latest technology..these all by colleges are not in well developed and lastly our Government……all my youngster don’t vote for who have ruled these many years our country…….we should create a new rules for unemployee’s…today everyone is a educated…

  9. oxford dictionary says engineer is "a person who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, or structures" but most of engineers today think engineering is" art of finding job , particularly IT job". if any one gave IT job with good salary to Mr Edison , great invention "light" may not came to existence.. unfortunately now a days many Edison hide behind jobs. friends who not get or trying to get jobs are not a looser but future creator… with a hope work hard…

  10. Don’t educate ur children’s in future because we are experienced now, just provide general knowledge and English language speaking skills to ur children’s, then there will be a change and due to this there will be a lots of vacancies for engineers/accountants/ for any stream, in whole world .


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