Role of Coaching Centers for IAS Exam Preparation

We all are aware of the story of Chandragupta Maurya and Chanakya. Of course, UPSC CSE aspirants are well acquainted with the fact of how Chanakya guided a young enthusiastic fellow to dethrone one of the most powerful kings of the Magadha Empire. It is described in a detailed manner in several ancient pieces of literatures.

The point of describing this story is not to give any exam-oriented knowledge; it is to show how a mentor can guide his pupil to success. The path to success is travelled with the help of two wheels, one being of courage and enthusiasm, and the other one of the right guidance because without guidance, anyone can deviate from the path. This is the role coaching centres are playing these days.

Know The Coaching Environment

Many aspirants for CSE or any other competitive exam come from humble backgrounds with not much exposure to the big cities’ lifestyle where the maximum of the coaching centers are located. In the beginning, they are reluctant to leave their homes. Eventually, they adjust to the changing environment and many of them accomplish an incomparable feat with their hard work. Let’s discuss some of the coaching centers attributes which help students in their journey :

  • Qualifies and experienced teachers – Chankaya proved to be an efficient teacher due to his immense knowledge and experience. Similarly, coaching institutes provide highly experienced faculty who have gone through the exam themselvescleared several stages. They make students understand the syllabus and concepts easily.
  • Dedicated Mentors – A mentor helps you in both academic and non-academic issues. Students can access mentor help at any time. It helps them frame their study routine and improvise themselves over time. Also, they help aspirants during the low times of their preparation.
  • Comprehensive study material – it is the most important aspect of the coaching centres. It gets students out of the entanglement of study material by providing relevant stuff at one place with an exam-oriented approach.
  • Test series – coaching endowments also provide a place for the aspirant to compete among their peers and evaluate their performance over time. Subsequently, it helps students to improvise and instil confidence in them for the final exam day.
  • Study environment – Many centres have libraries attached to their premises exclusively accessible for their students. Here, a candidate can focus on his studies without any disturbance from the external environment and also gets motivation by observing fellow aspirants.

Role Of Coaching Centres In Candidate’s Success

The above characteristics of the coaching institutes provide immense help to a student in preparing for the exam. Many toppers over the years have dedicated their success to their teachers or mentors. A mentor can be a teacher or a friend or even a family member. But, in the majority cases, it is a teacher. The role played by these centres in aspirants’ success can be enlisted as :

Also Suggested Best and Simple advices for an UPSC Aspirant

  • Proper time management – they help students to plan their daily routines and strategy to begin the preparation step by step. Time management is an important aspect of the struggle and it has to be holistic.
  • Minimising the load – coaching helps to reduce the burden of heavy books by providing their necessary material in a concise manner which can be easily completed and revised by the candidate in the due time.
  • Regular Guidance – there are low times faced by everyone in their struggle and some even may break at this time. To alleviate this feeling, students can get in touch with their mentors or teachers who would help them to channelize their energy in the right way without getting deviated.
  • Continuous assessment – self-assessment is a kind of self-purification. Students compete first within their classroom, then their centre, among the students of all centres, and finally at a pan-India level. With the help of regular mock tests conducted by coaching institutes provide healthy competition and a chance to recognize one’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • A golden hello – coaching centers are the one which don’t leave you until you leave your efforts. Though it is not the case with all, but many centers provide help to their students until they are exhausted with their chances.
  • Current affairs – they make current affairs coverage simple with monthly booklets and newspaper analysis.
  • Orientation sessions – these are conducted with the participation of ex-civil servants and rank holders which help students to get inspiration.

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