NCERT BOOK, Really! For IAS! Know the Truth

First of all, NCERT books are the most primitive books to clear the basics of the topics. Once the basics are cleared it helps in understanding the complex topics included in the UPSC Syllabus. 


NCERT books make for a strong foundation for your entire IAS preparation. They are written in simple language with a neutral perspective which strengthens the whole preparation. 

Another point is the writing style for mains. The NCERT books will give aspirants an understanding of mains writing style as the writing language and style needs to be similar to the writing style of these books, which makes them an important element for the preparation of Mains. 

NCERT Books Are Important for IAS

NCERT Books For Prelims Vs Mains 

In the below section we will discuss the importance of NCERT books for prelims alongside mains

  • Every year in UPSC CSE Prelims, around 35-40 prelims questions are directly asked from the NCERTs.
  • Alongside if you read one NCERT book for UPSC CSE prelims, it also comes in handy in UPSC CSE mains. 
  • If you plan to choose an optional subject that is not a subject of your background, NCERT books help prepare the basics that are essential for a strong foundation. 

List Of NCERT Books for IAS Examination 

In this section, we have listed down a brief list of books for IAS aspirants, the ones preparing for IAS Examination 2022 can refer to this compiled list of NCERT books. 

List Of NCERT Geography Books For GS Paper 1

  • The Earth Our Habitat (Class Six)
  • Our Environment (Class Seven)
  • Resource and Development (Class Eight)
  • Contemporary India – I (Class Nine) Contemporary India – II (Class Ten)
  • Fundamentals of Physical Geography (Class Eleven)
  • Physical Environment (Class Eleven)
  • Fundamentals of Human Geography (Class Twelve)
  • People and Economy (Class Twelve)

List Of History NCERT Books For GS Paper 1

  • Our Past (Class Sixth)
  • Our Past (One) (Class Seventh)
  • Our Past (Two and Three) (Class Eight)
  • India and the Contemporary World (One) (Class Ninth)
  • India and the Contemporary World (Two)
  • Themes In World History (Class Tenth)
  • Themes In Indian History (One) (Class Eleventh)
  • Themes in Indian History – (Two) (Class Twelve)
  • Themes In Indian History – (Three)(Class Twelve)

List Of Indian Society NCERT Books For GS Paper 1

  • Social & Political Life (one) Class Six
  • Social & Political Life (two) Class Seven
  • Social & Political Life (Three) Class Eight
  • Understanding Society (Class Twelve)
  • Indian Society (Class Twelve)
  • Social Change and Development in India (Class Twelve)

Old History NCERT Books For Reference

  • Ancient India by RS Sharma
  • Alternative Published version
  • Modern India by Bipin Chandra
  • Medieval India
  • World History For Class Tenth

List Of Polity NCERT Books For GS Paper 2

  • Democratic Politics Part One
  • Democratic Politics Part Two
  • Indian Constitution at Work (Class 12)
  • Political Theory(Class 11)
  • Contemporary World Politics (Class 12)
  • Politics in India since Independence (Class 12)

List Of Economy NCERT Books For GS Paper 3

  • Economics (Class 9th)
  • Understanding Economic Development (Class Ten)
  • Indian Economic Development (Class Eleven)
  • Introductory Microeconomics (Class Twelve)
  • Introductory Macroeconomics (Class Twelve)

List Of Science & Technology NCERT Books 

  • NCERT Books From Class Six
  • NCERT Books From Class Seven
  • NCERT Books From Class Eight
  • NCERT Books From Class Nine
  • NCERT Books From Class Ten


  • History Subject: Our Past
  • Social Science Subject: Social & Political Life 1
  • Geography Subject: The Earth Our Habitat
  • Class 6th Science Subject: 
  • 7th History Subject: Our Past -2nd
  • Geography Subject: Our Environment
  • Social Science Subject: Social & Political Life -2nd
  • 8th Class Science Subject
  • 8th History Subject: Our Past 3
  • Science Subject – Class 8th
  • Social Science Subject: Social & Political Life 3rd
  • Geography: Resource and Development
  • 9th History: India and the Contemporary World 1
  • Geography Book: Contemporary India 1
  • Political Science: Democratic Politics Part 1
  • CLASS 9th Science
  • Economics
  • India and the Contemporary World – 2nd- 10th history
  • Contemporary India 2nd Geography
  • Political Science: Democratic Politics Part – II
  • Class X Science
  • Understanding Economic Development
  •  11th History: Themes in World History
  •   Geography Book
  • India- Physical Environment
  • Fundamentals Of Physical Geography
  • Science – Chemistry, Biology Unit 14, and Unit 4 & 5 respectively.
  • Indian Economic Development
  • Understanding Society For Sociology subject
  • Indian Constitution at Work for Political Science
  • Indian Culture:
    • An Introduction to Indian Art
    • Chapter 9 and 10 of Living Craft Traditions of India
  • 12th History: Themes in Indian History
  • Geography:
    • Fundamentals Of Human Geography
    • India – Its People & Economy
  • Science:
    • Unit 16 of Chemistry: 
    • Unit 8, 9 & 10 of Biology
  • Introductory Macroeconomics
    • Indian Society – Sociology
    • Social Change and Development in India- Sociology
  • Contemporary World Politics – Political Science

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