LOL !! Baba Ramdev’s New Magazine Cover Becomes Butt of Internet Jokes

Baba Ramdev has made yoga more popular in India and abroad, runs Patanjali, a business worth crores and features in television shows.

So, to appreciate the guru for his contributions, magazine India Today featured Baba Ramdev on the cover page of its latest edition.

Had it been any image of the yoga guru, it wouldn’t have mattered much. But this one sure had the potential to go viral. And it did.

The picture has Baba Ramdev performing a asana standing on Pantanjali cartons, called Prasarita Padottanasana, or a wide-legged forward bend, where his back is facing the camera and he is looking at the lens from between the legs.

Take a look:

And as soon as the cover made its way to social media, Twitteratti completely lost it.
Social media users posted hilarious tweets, one-liners and some also came up with amazingly hysterical recreation of the cover image by photoshopping Baba Ramdev at different locations.
These will surely make you laugh out loud.


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