Life at Mahindra Satyam | Buzz at Mahindra Satyam

Want to know how it’s like when you work for Mahindra Satyam? Well, we have an environment bubbling with energy, enthusiasm and passion. What’s more, we play hard as well, thanks to our Fun & Connect and Josh teams that help Associates strike a balance between work and personal lives.

We also have various Health & Wellness programs offerings regular medical checkups and counseling… Watch the video to get a feel of how Associates live life at Mahindra Satyam.



  1. i have attended mahindra satyam drive on 26th november 2011 i reached till last round they said results will be announced in two days they have not announce the results of that drive till now… if you do not have any requirement why do you people conduct such drives and raise our hopes….

  2. hi friend..
    pune is better to go there n try there, I am also eagerly waiting for a job as a fresher abaper..


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