Is It Necessary to take Coaching for Civils Services Exam!!

UPSC Civils Services Exam : Many Aspirants who begin their Civil Services Exam preparation are clueless about the exam’s demand. Moreover, most of the aspirants or candidates cannot afford to go to Delhi and take UPSC coaching.

There are a lot of doubts regarding whether to take coaching for Civil Services. So, here is the breakdown for you.

If you are seriously into the shoes of traveling with the dream of becoming an IAS officer by attending UPSC or Civil Services exam. Here you are going to see answers to all types of doubts you have before going into Civils

Is Coaching necessary for UPSC Preparation?

Think about the elite sportsman Dhoni (Mr. Cool). Does he have a personal coaching his cricket journey life? Yes, he does. But would you say his career success is complete because of his coach? Of course not. Dhoni trains & suffers day in day out also he uses his mind power during the cricket match, practices consistently to learn, and uniquely improves his game style. 

His self-discipline, hard work, and burning determination to excel at the game are what makes him an elite player. Likewise, some go with success in the Civils services exam. Coaching merely helps you to as a path to your destination. 

But it does not ensure you a rank without your hard work. Self-control, self-study, and consistency you put in sitting at your study table are what all matter for more than what you do in coaching classes

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Undergoing with Coaching is not at all a blunder. Yes, you need to have one guidance, but you should not rely exclusively on them and neglect standard books. 

Always remember that the coaching institute will only assure up to 25% to 30% the rest of the preparation must be done from your end. Also, it depends on your personal belief, self-discipline & your basic level of knowledge to determine whether you need coaching.

In case, if you are clueless about the exam process or the books you need to study, then coaching institutes like La Excellence will help you get a clear idea. However, you are still must-read standard books, make required notes by yourself, and put in the work to outshine your competition.

Can we substitute Coaching notes with Standard books to prepare Civil Services Exam?

The standard books are essential because they are written from the ground zero level, they build the foundation of your knowledge. Once you habituate to read the standard books, reading coaching notes not only becomes much easier to understand but you can also analyse where in that big picture does a small topic fit.

The drawback with reading only coaching notes is that they fail to you give you such a big clear picture perspective. Hence, you will be left with are fragmented concepts and broken knowledge which doesn’t stick for long in your memory. To store long term, you as a UPSC Civils services aspirant, need a topic’s context which is why you should start with standard books.

While-Reading the Coaching Notes, Note these points:

  • Coaching notes are very helpful & easy to revise before the exam, but they can only supplement but do not rely only on or substitute standard books.
  • Always map your notes onto the chapters and topics in the syllabus. Most coaching institutes do not cover the entire syllabus. So, when you see a topic not covered well in your notes, read on your own from other sources and make notes.
  • You always need to remember that UPSC preparation is not at all like a graduation exam. In college, it’s easy to readjust the notes and score well and well. But in UPSC, the questions are higher standard and of deeper analytical depth. None of the questions usually come directly from your coaching notes. 

How helpful is the Test Series at Coaching Institutes?

Many aspirants like you commit one fundamental mistake like reading & revising, Over & Over, but never practice. Note that the examiner checking your copy will have no idea about the number of books you’ve read or the number of hours you’ve slogged. Your answers are all that he must judge you, so it makes sense to learn it, practice it and make perfect it.

Test series helps in that sense because it trains your mind to get the hang of how the actual exam feels like. You write tests so that in the final exam you are not taken in by surprise.

So please have a self-prepared note apart from going to coaching. There is no issue with taking coaching for UPSC but give your best from your side before depending upon others like UPSC Civils services exam preparation coaching institutes.

Hope this post (blog) helped in clearing some of the main doubts you hang on till now. Please do follow for more advanced and useful information on UPSC Civils Services Exam and preparation.


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