Top 6 Job Interview Tips For Electronics (ECE) Students

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A professional electronics and communication engineer must always select the latest electronics project ideas to build up his job profile. Though this sound very simple while pursuing your degree, this might become the most important factor of your interview process.

This article is going to be precisely for those lucky ones who are on the verge on fulfilling their dreams of being an electronics engineer. After finishing your final project, the only thing which comes to your mind is job Interviews. This single step might be the only barrier to your professional career, but wait! Are you ready to take the call right now? How prepared are you to face the interview with confidence?

job interview tips for ece students

Though preparing for interview sound a bit easy, it is actually tough to implement. So if you are lucky to be called for an interview or even if you are going for a walk in interview, the first thing you must be proud of is you are definitely worth to be considered for the job profile. So be happy, confident and prepare your best for the interview.

Before you get into the core concepts of job interviews, I just want to ease your tension and make you more confident.

So here we go!

1st Tip for Interview:

Go through the advertisement

The first and foremost tips for interview, is to have a precise knowledge about the post you are applying for and its requisites. This can be achieved, if you go thoroughly through the job advertisement. This is most important, because once you know why and for what you are giving the interview for, it is always easy to prepare for the interview.

Also in few advertisements, subjects or topics (related to electronics), pertaining to that particular job profile is mentioned and that assist in a precise preparation about the interview.

2nd Tip for interview:

Get knowledge about the company

Before you proceed to do any preparation for the interview, don’t forget to have a quick over view about the company for which you are going to work. Remember your interest will always prove to be an impressive factor for the interviewer. By knowing about the company and its profile, you can actually associate your own knowledge and skills with the main functions of the company. That would of course help you with proper preparation for the interview

3rd Tip for interview:

Get a detailed overview about your career goals, roles and experience.

One of the important things which can impress an interviewer is your career goal. Always remember to have a goal which synchronizes with the job profile for which you are going to give the interview.

Set up a detailed yet precise description of your roles and experience which are relevant to the job you are giving the interview for.

4th Tip for Interview:

Prepare for the technical interview

The above three steps I have mentioned can be the tips for interviews in any field,  But in this step,  I am going to mention in particular, the tips for job interviews,  for candidates who are going to attend a technical interview in Electronics and Communication.

Prepare with the relevant subjects

If you have implemented Step 1 I have mentioned, you must know the details about the job profile and in many cases that includes the particular topics in Electronics. Since you are lucky for your resume to be selected, the company trusts your resume to be worth noticing. Don’t prove them wrong. Prepare well with that topics.

Some companies hiring for embedded system designers might required candidates to have knowledge about Embedded C, Microcontrollers, circuit designing basics or PCB design and electronic circuits. Don’t forget to have an overview on these topics before you proceed to the interview.

Some companies hiring for chip designers require the candidates to have basic knowledge in VLSI, Integrated Circuits. Have a precise knowledge on these topics.

Have basic knowledge

When you are going to appear for an interview in Electronics and Communication, even if you prepare yourself well with the relevant topics, your preparation won’t be worth unless you have basic knowledge about few Electronics topics.


Some of the basic topics in Electronics on which you should have sound knowledge are

  1. Knowledge about electronic components like transistors, diodes, resistors, digital ICs, Analog ICs.
  2. Knowledge about basic topics in electronics like amplifiers, oscillators, rectifiers etc.
  3. Knowledge about Operational Amplifiers
  4. Basic knowledge about circuit designing, circuit mounting
  5. Basic knowledge about signals, signal generators.
  6. Basic knowledge about digital electronics like timers, counters, flip flops, Analog to Digital Converter etc.

Prepare with basic interview questions.

Often mere studying might not help you in going through the interview. Sometimes while focusing on few topics, you might miss some important topics. The best way is to prepare yourself with some mock interview questions related to Electronics. Some companies have their own sample papers for the interview, which can be downloaded from their sites.

Few sites like,, blogs like El Pro Cus have helped students by posting few interview or sample interview quest.

Prepare with basic knowledge about any software tool

Even if you have basic knowledge about topics related to Electronics, if you can prove yourself to be worth for any practical work, then that will surely benefit you. The most important way to prove you is by having knowledge about any electronic design tool. Even if you don’t have practical experience with the tool, a mere working knowledge might also help.

Some of the important electronics design tools you should have knowledge about are MATLAB, Pspice, Proteus, Kiel, Labview, ORCAD, Xilinx and many more.

5th Tip for Interview:

Prepare well with your academic and professional projects

If you are a fresher, apart from the basic theoretical and practical knowledge you have, the other thing worth interesting for the interviewer would be your engineering projects in electronics. Have a thorough and detailed overview about your project. Be sure to present the work you have done in the best and precise way.  If you have served any company as an intern, never forget to mention that and of course prepare well with details about your roles and functions.

If you are an experienced professional, along with your academic and internship projects, the projects you worked for, at the previous companies, should always be your priority. Prepare yourself to give the best presentation regarding the project, your role, your functions as an individual and as a team and of course the theoretical concept about the project.

6th Tip for Interview:

Prove yourself to be interested in the job profile

Remember even if you prove yourself worth to be considered for the job, by displaying immense knowledge about the relevant topics, good presentation skills, yet the interviewer will not be fully satisfied until and unless you make him feel so. That can be done if show your interest in the job profile. Some part of the information might have been available in the advertisement itself, but if you can ask for more relevant details, that will definitely be impressive for the interviewer.

Not only impressing the interviewers, if you get a detailed overview about the project or the job profile, you can always associate your function with that job.

So that’s it! I hope I have mentioned all the relevant tips for interview,  you must take before attending an interview for an Electronics engineer and I hope my effort would assist for all of you, looking forward for an interview. I hope by following these basic tips for interview and  by having the basic knowledge about the job profile, with the best theoretical and practical knowledge, best presentation skills, no one can actually stop you from bagging the post.

Before you start implementing these tips for interview, just a simple request for you all. If you have any queries or want to give any feedback, you are always welcome to do so. All you have to do is to mention them in the comment section below.

So why wait, go and crack the interview! All the best!



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