eLitmus Ph Test Pattern & Syllabus | Tips & Tricks for eLitmus Ph Test

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Hi Friends, I Often see lots of people asking me same questions being repeatedly asked like ..

  • What is eLitmus?
  • What is Ph test?
  • How to study for PH test ?
  • What score is Good Score for Ph Test?
  • Which companies recruiting through eLitmus ?
  • What was the Syllabus for eLitmus Ph test?
So I thought to explain the things for all newbies.

What is eLitmus?

eLitmus is one of the India’s largest assessment and recruitment company for entry level engineers.
It was launched in 2005, eLitmus has been redefining how fresher and entry-level recruitment is done in India and Recruits the Entry level engineers based on their Performance in Ph Test (High Potential Test) and their Educational Background & Performance. So Candidates who have good Ph test score can get in to the companies easily than the Normal Candidates.

What is Ph test? 

Hiring Potential Test (pH Test)

Information for test takers

pH Test is an aptitude test. It is a pen & paper test and no longer administered online.

The test is designed to be completed in two hours, and often has three sections – quantitative, verbal and analytical – but there could be changes in this structure from time to time, as our testing experts continually fine-tune and evolve the test, in their constant effort to draw the best measure of your true ability. Each section currently has twenty questions making it a total of sixty questions. The maximum marks is 600.

The questions in each section are objective in nature with multiple choices, and are categorized into several levels of difficulty. Your final score will reflect not only the number of questions that you have answered correctly, but also their difficulty level, and on how your peers have fared on the same questions.

The test measures a broad range of skills that you have gained throughout your education. It does not test your proficiency in any specific areas or subjects. It presumes only a familiarity with high school level mathematics, and some proficiency in essential English language skills. All required formulae are provided in the question paper.

The test uses a unique handicap based negative marking approach. You are encouraged to read sections pertaining to pH Test, Why evaluations fail and pH Test Demystified.

Absolute scores as well as percentile scores are provided to each candidate.

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How to study for PH test ?

Well first of all let you know that, dont take the PH test lightly. The Exam is not Easy as you think. Only 10%  questions May be look easy to solve and there is nothing specific that one can work out. I would like to suggest candidates to go for CAT level materials, use RS Aggarwal or QuantaCAT from Arihant for Apptitude and Verbal and any DI can be solved with fast mathematical calculations.

What score is Good Score for Ph Test?

Having a percentile (not score) above 80 and with decent acedemics is enough to get calls from majority of the companies. The most Companies look PH percentile, Academics, Candidate Profile etc..

Which companies recruiting through eLitmus ?

Many of the decent & good companies recruit through e-litmus. For more information check out the list here : http://www.elitmus.com/clientlist

What was the Syllabus for eLitmus Ph test?

Though it might be a simple one! but it will turn out to be of the CAT standard or the MAT, XAT.

The time limit  : 120 Minutes

So you can try solving them as the number of questions are only 60.

  • 20 mathematical questions.
  • 20 verbal( includes paragraph questions)
  • 20 Data interpretation( the toughest one)
There will be no Previous Test papers or Sample Papers as they take away the question papers too.

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