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interview experience at mindtree.
I have received admit card through elitmus. It was one day process. There were 3 rounds. First was essay writing, two topics were given: to write on any fictitious character which you like( Like Batman, Superman etc.) Second was, what do you think celebrities are good or bad role model.

My friend’s topic were:
Should alcohol and cigarettes be banned in India and
Any favourite celebrity and why.

Out of 42 students in my batch only around 18 students were selected for the next round. It was jam round. First you have to give your introduction, they will cross question you on your hobbies. So just don’t say anything which you don’t know and then you can speak on any topic of your choice. You should choose a good topic for it. I spoke on Anti Romeo Squad of Uttar Pradesh. He seemed to be impressed with the topic.
Around 7-8 students were selected for the final round.

There were around 25-30 students for final round from all batches. It was combined tr+ hr round. I have to wait nearly 4 hours for my turn. Then my turn came n I went in. The interviewer was a cool guy. He asked first to introduce myself, then some cross questions on my family background​ and my hobbies. Then to explain about my major project. He asked some basic questions of networking like OSI model, routers and switches.
Then he asked me one proud & one embarrassing​ moment of my life during college period and one logical question. It was how to find a missing number between 1 to 100 when numbers are randomly given. I tried and told him 2-3 logics but none was correct. Then he asked why I have written in favour of celebrities. I explained him by giving example of Kareena Kapoor Khan. He was impressed n told I am done with you.
He asked if I have any question for him. I asked about my interview, he told you will come to know about it later. Then some questions regarding job profile and company.

Again after waiting for about an hour results were declared and I was selected..😀😀

Just go through your resume and be confident. It was not a tough interview. They didn’t asked any programming questions.

And lastly thank you bjs team for always helping and giving valuable suggestions. You guys are doing a great job.. I am very grateful to you for all your help..

By Sidhi Sri via Bangalore Job Seekers Group.


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