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IIM: Educational institutions of prestigious management. These include the gloomy career
The path is smooth. Common Admissions Organizing Admission to IIMs | Test (cat) results recently. This is the top percentile, The IIMs are handicapped for the achieved students. It consists of group discussion (Group Discussion), oral, writing ability tests. Valuable advice for students to be able to successfully address the pedigree.

IIM College List

There are currently 20 IIMs in the country. Of these, six are the first generation IIMs and they continue to be at the top. In 2015, IIM-Shillong, Kashipur, Raipur, Ranchi, Rohtak, Trichy, Udaipur, IIM-Visakhapatnam, Amritsar, Amritsar, Bodhgaya, Jammu, Nagpur, Established in the year 2015. Aim-Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Lucknow, Indore, Kozhikode, Sambalpur and Sirmour are considered new.

IIM Entrance

Last year’s statistics show that all IIMs do not follow the same admission procedure. The IIMs are implementing their own (different) weightages for group discussion, oral and written exams while giving specific weightage to the Cat Score.
Variation in the short list! The IIMs, along with the CAT Exam Score is also considering the candidates during the short list of interviews. Some IIMs call short by interviews with a CAT just like CAT. Letters are based on some other themes like background and work experience.

IIM Admission

Last year, Shillong, Kashipur, Raipur, Ranchi, Rohtak, Udaipur, Bhoggia, Amritsar and Sambalpur IIMs made an interview list based on the CAT Score. IIM-Ahmedabad, Kozhikode CAT 70 to 80 percent weightage. IIM-Kolkata and Lucknow have a low weight rate of 50 to 55 percent.  Bangalore, Indore, Nagpur, Visakhapatnam. IIMs are more than a cat score Background, records, work empowerment etc.

Is Sectional cut off plays Important Role?

While IIMs are shortlisted for candidates for interviews, they prefer preferred secondary cut off marks. For example, if 99 percent of the total, it is disqualified if the marks are not received in any section. The latest indoor IIM has selected about 1400 people for psychiatric treatment. Shortlisted candidates based on the provision of at least 80 percent percentile in each section of the CAT.



IIM Fees Structure has specified in below tabular form for all the students, Candidates those who want to know IIM Fees structure can scroll down.

IIM MBA Fees Structure and Seats

IIM Name

Total Seats

Fee Structure

IIM Calcutta


INR 19 Lakhs

IIM Ahmedabad


INR 19.5 Lakhs

IIM Bangalore


INR 18.7 Lakhs

IIM Lucknow


INR 14 Lakhs

IIM Kozhikode


INR 13.75 Lakhs

IIM Indore


INR 13 Lakhs

IIM Shillong


INR 12.68 Lakhs

IIM Rohtak


INR 10.5 Lakhs

IIM Ranchi


INR 10.5 Lakhs

IIM Raipur


INR 10.26 Lakhs

IIM Trichy


INR 10 Lakhs

IIM Kashipur


INR 10.50 Lakhs

IIM Udaipur


INR 9.50 Lakhs+

IIM Nagpur


INR 10 Lakhs

   IIM Visakhapatnam


INR 10.50 Lakhs

IIM Bodh Gaya


INR 11 Lakhs

IIM Amritsar


INR 9 Lakhs

IIM Sambalpur


INR 10 Lakhs

IIM Sirmaur


INR 9 Lakhs+

IIM Jammu


INR 10 Lakhs+



IIM Eligibility

Academic Record, Work Experience: There are special weightages for Class I, Intermediate, Bachelor Degree. All IIMs are offered weightage of ten percent for the course. Candidates are calculated on specific weightage sums based on the GPA / pass percentage obtained in those courses. Some IIMs have a special weightage for professional qualification.

How to Get Admission in IIM

The ‘Work Experience’ is the key to the final stage weightage. The candidates who have a work experience will get five to 10 percent weightage in the design of the design and the field of work and experience in the field of work. IIM does not give any weightage to Shillong Academics and Work Experience. Calcutta, Kozhikode, Amritsar and Bodhgaya IIMs 5 to 8 weightage, Ranchi, and Raipur IIMs are 20-28 percent, Bangalore, Rohtak, Visakhapatnam IIMs and IIM Nagpur are 40 percentage weightage. There is a shortage of academics/work experience valuation in less than 15% of academics/work experience in IIMs Said. Only 95 percent of only four IIMs the weightage is going on. Candidates should recognize that the processes are more important, and the final selection will be based on the ability to show up in the next stages of short interviews for the first interview.

IIM Entrance Exam

Selection procedure further rounds are Group discussion / return ability test (WIT) and personal interviews. You can select Any discussion on the group discussion (GD) is to discuss it. At that time, candidates’ behavior, communication skills, and content knowledge are being tested. The contemporary trends in economic, political, social, education and medicine in the GDP will be discussed. Candidates should develop a deep understanding of the issues. Write a topic in the Return Ability Test (WIT) and answer it at the specified time. There is a limit to the number of words in this answer. Personal interest in management education in education interviews, future goals, and the ways in which they are chosen to achieve them. Candidates should recognize this and prepare for answers with confidence. There should be clarity in educational background and goals.


IIM Executive courses

Students those who have scored good marks in CAT or qualifying CAT Examination can apply for prestigious IIM Post Graduate Programs in Management. IIM provides different programmes, IIM Post Graduate Programs are listed below. Interested candidates can scroll down and check it.

List of IIM Courses


Post Graduate Program in Management (PGP)
Post Graduate Program in Software Enterprise Management (PGSEM)
Post Graduate Program in Public Policy and Management (PGPPM)
Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Aided Management (PGDCM)
Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)


List of IIM Programs in Management

No. IIM Programs Offered
1 IIM – Ahmedabad PGP & PGP-ABM
2 IIM – Bangalore PGP | PGSEM | PGPPM
4 IIM – Indore PGP & Exe-PGP
5 IIM – Kozhikode PGP
6 IIM – Lucknow PGP & PGP-ABM
7 RGIIM – Shillong PGP



IIM Fellow Program in Management : 


FPM is also called as Fellow Program in Management which is an equivalent program to Ph.D. is offered by the following IIMs: IIM provides different programmes, IIM Fellow Program in Management FPM Programs are listed below. Interested candidates can scroll down and check it.

Indian Institute of Management (IIMs)
IIM – Ahmedabad
IIM – Bangalore
IIM – Calcutta
IIM – Indore
IIM – Lucknow
IIM – Kozhikode

IIM Indian Institutes of Management 


Excellence in the best business institutes is the key to enthusiasm for academic talent and work experience. Self analysis is crucial in interview success. The objective must be clarified in terms of his strengths, weaknesses, career goals, interests, and past victories. It is possible through self analysis. Graduate subjects, work experience (for people) and other questions will be asked. General Awareness in interview panel examinations also. So analyzing statistically and answering analytical answers Crafting Skills, answers the best communication skills at any chosen time, Displaying is crucial.


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