IAS after B.Tech

IAS after B.Tech, MBBS, MBA : In every year students from every corner of the country came to fulfil their dreams in UPSC Civil service exam. If we give a look on last few years UPSC results then we can’t ignore the increasing number of doctors and engineering students in comparison with normal graduation students. For the sake of the argument it can be said that doctors and engineers can easily crack this exam. Because they belong from the science background and math is their strength. Not only that, if we focus on the UPSC syllabus we all know in mains, aspirants have to choose two elective subjects that have been part of their previous studies. So, it’s quite easy for them to achieve the goal. But this one side of the coin.

The students who are certified with their degrees from renowned college or universities. If they want they can pursue their job from any big IT sector or hospitals. Now the question is why they sit for UPSC Civil Service Exam?

  • The main reason behind that is – This is the most prestigious job among all the government services.
  • Those who actually want to serve the people, what can be better than IAS.
  • Job security is also there.

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