How to prepare for IAS after 12th board exams

Many students are in a dilemma regarding the time when they should begin their preparation. Well, some of you might wonder how to prepare for IAS exam after 12th? Generally, candidates start their preparation after completion of a degree. But, if you made your mind early then surely you can begin your preparation after intermediate as they say, sooner the better.

The Real Strategy For The Exam

Now, when you have made up your mind and are clear with the above aspects, we shall talk about the preparation strategy for UPSC exam. If you are preparing for UPSC civil services 2020 then this is the time to go for planned revision and solving the test series. And for the candidates who are beginning their journey, here are some crisp UPSC IAS preparation tips:

  • Start with basic NCERTs – read all the standard NCERT books from 6-12 for all the subjects and try to understand the basic concepts.
  • Note making – whatever you read, make concise notes for that topic in your own language so that you can remember it better and can revise in less time.
  • Prepare your Optional subject – try to cover your optional subject and make its notes well in advance. It will help you to lower down burden during the mains preparation if you have already studied the optional.
  • Answer writing practice – try to attempt the previous year’s questions related to a topic and get them checked. It will help you to predict the type of questions appearing in the exam and regular practice will polish your answers.
  • Solve test series – before the preliminary and mains exam, do solve one or two test series from any coaching institute. It will help you assess your strengths and weaknesses and you will have ample time to work upon them.

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