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Best government jobs in India

Best government jobs in India  : In India, government jobs never lose their demand and the competition to get one too never drops down. Everyone desires a lucrative job and a lucrative career, but to get one is a matter of persistence and great hard-work. The best job depends on what we want from it; some people want money, some want less work load and others want the fringe benefits provided by it. Fortunately, government jobs in India don’t disappoint us when it comes to providing all or more amenities than mentioned above. But who doesn’t want less competition to enjoy all these benefits of a government job? Below follows a list of some government jobs in India for graduates in 2017 with less competition and more benefits.


1.Faulty at an IIT or IIM

At the time there are 16 IITs and 13 IIMs in India. All of which are government funded. You should consider yourselves very lucky if you become a member of the faculty in either of these institutions. Everything about the benefits of being a member IIT or IIM member is listed below.

Benefits in IITs:

The average pay of a highly experienced IIT professor ranges up to 26 lakh rupees per annum. The pay scales of all the members of IIT faculty are listed below:

A 3-year contract assistant professor- 9.2 lakhs

Assistant Professor (beginner) – 13.0 lakhs

Assistant Professor (3 years experience) – 15.7lakhs

Associate Professor- 17.6 lakhs

Full Professor (beginner)-19.6 lakhs

Full professor End of Scale- 25.7 lakhs

Not only the pay but also the various fringe benefits are very attractive at IIT.


Speaking bluntly, IIT faculty seems to have the best amenities in India.  A few of the privileges are mentioned below.

The campus life of an IIT faculty:

All the members of the faculty are accommodated within the college campus. The faculty is provided apartments at a normal rent on the campus. The type and size of the apartment depends on the pay scale and the type of faculty live in it. All the apartments have high-speed internet facilities and a phone too is provided to them. You do not need to worry about the bill, for depending on the pay scale will receive reimbursement on the phone bill including mobile phones. Apart from these, the campus comprises athletic fields, a full-sized swimming pool, tennis and badminton courts, gymnasium, and various facilities.

Fringe benefits:

The pay of the faculty subsumes Band Pay, which increases by 3 % every year- which means the longer you work, the more you will be paid- Travel Allowances and Dearness Allowances. All these are included in the pay that you receive at the end of the month.

When it comes to taking leaves the faculty can apply for various leaves such as Half Pay leave, Special Casual Leave, Earned Leave, Vacation, Casual Leave Leave and Duty etc.

The campus of the Institutes also include a hospital at which the all the members of the faculty family have the privilege to get medical attention and care. The medical reimbursement is also provided to the family which also makes reparations for the fee paid at outside hospitals. The Institution all reimburses the school fee of the children of the faculty. They are many more benefits which take a lot of time to enumerate in on the IIT campus.

IIM faculty benefits:

The payscales of IIM faculty as are as follow:

Assistant Professor Start of Scale-13.25 lakh rupees

Assistant Professor with three years of experience Start of Scale-16.o lakh rupees

Associate Professor Start of Scale-17.91 lakh rupees

Full Professor Start of Scale-19.92 lakh rupees

Full Professor End of sclael-26.27 lakh rupees

The benefits enjoyed by the IIM faculty are almost the same as that enjoyed by the IIT faculty. There are 13 IIMs in India all of which provide benefits according to the norms set by the government. Few working hours, less work load and higher retirement age are a part of the work at both IIT and IIM.

2.Bank Probationary Officers

BPO (Bank Probationary Officers) is the starting level designation in the bank. Their job involves marketing, investing, finance etc.  All they need to do is follow the orders of the Senior Manager. They work with the various divisions of the bank such as the loan department mortgage department. They are responsible for taking care of the customer complaints and inconsistencies in the accounts. The average salary of a BPO can range up to 50 thousand rupees per month.


The pay they receive includes various allowances such as Special Allowances, DA, CCA, Transport Allowance, Newspaper, Petrol etc.

Fringe benefits of SBI PO’s:

The BPOs enjoy a lot of fringe benefits such as accommodation, medical aid, canteen subsidy, medical allowances etc.

An SBI probation Officer is given various benefits such as concessional rates of interest that allows them to apply for car and house loans at a very low rate of interest. They are also provided Furniture Allowances that allows to them furnish their houses with furniture.

The medical benefits of an SBI PO are very attractive. There is a 100% reimbursement of the fee paid for self treatment. If the treatment is done to the family members there will be a reimbursement of 75% of the fee paid.

There is also Defined Contributory Provident Funds that enables them to receive provident fund from the bank. The bank will contribute 10% of their basic income to their accounts.

To women employees the bank permits a sabbatical leave of two years.

Various other benefits include Perquisites, Lease facility, Home Travel Concession.

Perquisites include allowances for newspapers, petrol, entertainment, book and magazines etc.

Lease facility enables the employees to accommodate themselves in their desired place instead of the accommodation provided by the bank. The lease allowance can range up to 30,000 rupees per month. But as a result the employee will not receive HRA.

Home Travel Concession will reimburse the amount of money employees spend to travel home. Various loans and canteen facilities are provided to the candidates.

For sport lovers there are exciting activities like mountaineering, river rafting, hot air ballooning, hand gliding, wind surfing. We can turn our life into an adventure with a job like this.

3.Indian Coast Guards

Indian Coast Guards fall under the rubric of defense. They work in collaboration with the Indian Navy, the Department of Revenue, the Department of Fisheries and the Central and State police forces. Their job involves protecting artificial islands, assisting fishermen, protecting marine environment etc. Their salary and fringe benefits too are very attractive. The pay scales of ICG officers are as follows:

Director General- Rs 37400-67000 (with Grade Pay of Rs 12000)

Inspector General- Rs 37400-67000(with Grade Pay of Rs 10000)

Deputy Inspector General- Rs 37400-67000(with Grade Pay of Rs 8900)

Commandant- Rs 37400-67000(with Grade Pay of Rs 8700)

Deputy Commandant -RS 15600-39100(with Grade Pay of Rs 6600)

Assistant Commandant­- RS 15600-39100(with Grade Pay of Rs 5400)

The pay includes Dearness Allowance, Kit maintenance Allowance, and various allowances.

Fringe benefits:

Various fringe benefits for ICG officers include a lot of privileges.

The government provides rations, accommodations and medical cover for the officer and the family.

A maximum of 45 days of Earned Leaves are provided along with 8 days of Casual Leaves. The government reimburses the travel expenses during the leave.

Insurance cover of 40 lakhs and on retirement, various schemes such as Contributory Pension Scheme and Provident and Gratuity will be provided to the candidates.

4.Assistant in Ministry Of External Affairs

There are two types of assistants in the Ministry Of External Affairs:

The first one is General Assistant and his job involves basic actions such as cataloging work and reporting progress to superiors. The job requires the assistant to work in Delhi for 3 years and 3 years in foreign countries.

The second type of assistant is called a Cypher, whose job involves coding and decoding messages that are confidential in the Ministry. The job involves 3 years of work in Delhi and 6 years of work abroad.

The pay scale ranges from 9.300-34,800 with a pay grade of 4,600.

Fringe benefits:

This job can said to be the best not in terms of the pay but it terms of the opportunities it provides to travel around the world.

The fringe benefits include DA on total pay, Transport Allowances, House Rent Allowance, Long Term Care, and National Pension System Contributions. You will also receive Foreign Allowance of 1800-2000USD, if you are working abroad.

Foreign posting has so many perks. Posh accommodation, the likes of those provided to IPS officers in India. Privileges to get treated in the best hospitals, to send your children to the most-reputed schools will be provided. In addition to all these you will get to fly free in a economy class to the foreign location. More to this you will get an entire cargo container for free. You could fit your vehicles like car or bike or other goods to your foreign location.


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