Giant Water Balloon Bursts in Slow Motion with Man Inside. Enjoy

Almost everyone knows popping water balloons in the summertime is an incredibly fun activity. The burst, followed by the loud and watery splash, is oddly satisfying – right?

Image Courtesy: Screengrabs taken from YouTube video uploaded by The Slow Mo Guys

So YouTubers Gav and Dan, also known as The Slow Mo Guys, decided to amp up the fun with a six-foot water balloon. And because this wasn’t enough, they decided one of them needed to climb inside the balloon as well.

So Dan, as tall as the balloon at six feet, decided to climb into the balloon as it filled to bursting point with water. With some initial hiccups (“how am I gonna fit in this?”); funny comparisons (“you’re like a slug… with knees”); genuine problems (“got an itch on my head, can’t get it. Can you get it?”); and questionable suggestions (“you should remove your boxers”), Dan comfortably and rather hilariously manages to insert himself into the balloon.

But how long can the balloon take it? And what happens when it absolutely can’t any longer?
Watch this slow motion marvel and do share what you think about this… umm… experiment in the comments section below.


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