eLitmus Ph Test Pattern & Syllabus | Tips & Tricks for eLitmus Ph Test

eLitmus Ph Test Pattern & Syllabus

elitmus Ph Test: Hi Friends, I Often see lots of people asking me same questions being repeatedly asked like ..


  • What is eLitmus?
  • What is Ph test?
  • How to study for PH test ?
  • What score is Good Score for Ph Test?
  • Which companies recruiting through eLitmus ?
  • What was the Syllabus for eLitmus Ph test?
So I thought to explain the things for all newbies.

What is eLitmus?

eLitmus is one of the India’s largest assessment and recruitment company for entry level engineers. It was launched in 2005, eLitmus has been redefining how fresher and entry-level recruitment is done in India and Recruits the Entry level engineers based on their Performance in Ph Test (High Potential Test) and their Educational Background & Performance. So Candidates who have good Ph test score can get into the companies easily than the Normal Candidates.

What is Ph test? 

pH Test is an aptitude test. It is a pen & paper test and no longer administered online.The test is designed to be completed in two hours, and often has three sections – quantitative, verbal and analytical – but there could be changes in this structure from time to time, as our testing experts continually fine-tune and evolve the test, in their constant effort to draw the best measure of your true ability. Each section currently has twenty questions making it a total of sixty questions. The maximum marks are 600.

The questions in each section are objective in nature with multiple choices, and are categorized into several levels of difficulty. Your final score will reflect not only the number of questions that you have answered correctly, but also their difficulty level, and on how your peers have fared on the same questions.

The test measures a broad range of skills that you have gained throughout your education. It does not test your proficiency in any specific areas or subjects. It presumes only a familiarity with high school level mathematics and some proficiency in essential English language skills. All required formulae are provided in the question paper.

The test uses a unique handicap based negative marking approach. You are encouraged to read sections pertaining to pH Test, Why evaluations fail and pH Test Demystified.

Absolute scores, as well as percentile scores, are provided to each candidate.


How to study for PH test ?

Well, first of all, let you know that dont take the PH test lightly. The Exam is not Easy as you think. Only 10%  questions May be look easy to solve and there is nothing specific that one can work out. I would like to suggest candidates go for CAT level materials, use RS Aggarwal or QuantaCAT from Arihant for Aptitude and Verbal and any DI can be solved with fast mathematical calculations.

What score is Good Score for Ph Test?

Having a percentile (not score) above 80 and with decent academics is enough to get calls from the majority of the companies. The most Companies look PH percentile, Academics, Candidate Profile etc..

Which are companies recruiting through eLitmus ? Or companies associated with elitmus:

Many of the decent & good companies recruit through e-litmus. For more information check out the list here: http://www.elitmus.com/clientlist

What was the Syllabus for eLitmus Ph test?

Though it might be a simple one! but it will turn out to be the CAT standard or the MAT, XAT.

The time limit: 120 Minutes

So you can try solving them as the number of questions is only 60.

  • 20 mathematical questions.
  • 20 verbal( includes paragraph questions)
  • 20 Data interpretation( the toughest one)
There will be no Previous Test papers or Sample Papers of elitmus test as they take away the question papers too.

It not only provides job opportunities for freshers but also many other graduates in India. The student who have scored good PH will get more calls from companies. Total E-litmus test consists of 3 sections with 20 questions each. Quantitative ability, Problem Solving and Verbal Ability of elitmus test.

Elitmus Syllabus Percentile Location
Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus for elitmus PH test 30-60 marks=70-95 of percentage Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai.
Syllabus for Problem solving section of Elitmus PH Test 30-60 marks=70-95 percentage Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Lucknow, Cochin.
Verbal Ability Syllabus for elitmus PH Test 60-100 marks=60-90 percentile Chandigarh, Bhopal, Mangalore, Madhurai.

Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus for elitmus PH test

  • Number Systems
  • Probability
  • Permutation Combination
  • Geometry
  • Equations and Inequalities
  • Artimetic, Geometric and Harmonic Progressions
  • Logarithms
  • Speed, Time and Distance
  • Time and Work
  • Mixture and alligation
  • Percentage

Mainly focus on the following topics to get a good score in Elitmus test.

  • Number Systems
  • Geometry
  • Probability
  • Permutation and Combination

Syllabus for Problem Solving Section of Elitmus test

  • Data Tabulation based on Questions
  • crypt arithmetic Problem
  • Arrangement Based Problems
  • Bar graphs/pie charts
  • Few miscellaneous questions

There are six groups of questions in this section of elitmus test

  • First group which have 4 question based on data interpretation
  • Second and third group consists of 2 questions each based on paragraph.
  • Fourth group contains of 4 questions of data sufficiency.
  • Fifth Group consists of 5 questions on the basis on data interpretation
  • Sixth group consists of 3 questions based on crypt arithmetic concept.

About eLitmus:

eLitmus Evaluation private limited is an Indian company which supports companies in recruiting employees for entry level jobs. As it was established in the year 2005 by the former employees of Infosys. Some of the famous 500 companies select their employees by the PH test which is conducted by eLitmus.

The company was established on 28th March 2005 by the former employees of Infosys and was developed by IT recruitment industry Browse COnsulting India Pvt.Ltc in its operation of the first year, 53 companies, and also involving famous 500 companies like Dell and General Electric recruited by PH Test.

PH Test is the type of aptitude test. It is a pen & paper test which is not administered online.

Elitmus test pattern

The duration of the test is two hours and also consists of three sections like quantitative, verbal and analytical, they may be changes took place in the structure from time to time, as our testing experts have a fine tune and evolve the test, in an effort to include the best measure of true ability. Each section contains twenty questions of total sixty questions. Maximum questions are 600.

Elitmus exam time duration:

Time duration of the Elitmus test is 2 hours. The questions of Each section are in objective and consists multiple choices and also categorized in many levels of difficulty. The test utilizes a unique handicap on the basis of negative marking.

Elitmus Exam Eligibility

The test consists of wide range of skills which will gain through your education. It will not test your talent in any particular areas and subjects. It includes only with high school level mathematics, and some talent in essential English language skills. All necessary formulae are included in the question paper.

Elitmus Previous papers:

Elitmus test papers and elitmus sample papers are available on the internet. People who are going to take the ELitmus question paper they should practice ELITMUS PREVIOUS PAPERS regularly to score good marks in Elitmus Test. Follow the Elitmus exam eligibility criteria and open the elitmus registration form link and get register.

Check out Openings through ELITMUS




  1. Thank u sir for the info.I have a different querry!!
    I scored 91 percentile in the same nd have scored 80% above in school but havent got a call from any of these companies.Is it because my background is BTech in Biotechnology??What other reason can there be???

    1. ritika mam……..congrats to u for the score…………………bt how u got 91 percentile…………hats off…………………plz mail me some tips ……..so that i can make it too………………

      1. sir….i have a doubt..please clear this…
        i came to know that totally time duration is 2 hrs.
        no of questions are 60
        maximum marks are 600
        so per question carry 10 marks?
        really im confused…can u help..
        and point out that any negative marks ?

    2. cngrts for ur score ritika………… pls send me some of the tips and pattern of the pH test so that i can try to get good percentile..
      my email id:hemasudhad@gmail.com

    3. hey ritika,congrts.for scoring 91%..very gud yr,…..
      can u plz give me some tips..for cracking elitmus…n plz also send me some questions related to elitmus ph test.

    4. congrats…ritika
      will u plz give guidence for how to prepare for elitmus exam…what should i read?

      plz send to this email:ravi.tadela@gmail.com

    5. Hello Ritika Mam,

      Please provide the book’s name which is refered by you to get wonderful score in pH test.

      I wish, you will get your dream job very soon.

    6. hi Rithika my name is chandu im going to write ph test..Congrats for ur score in Ph test..can u Suggest me How i have to prepare for the Exam.What type of the Questions they ask..if u hav any model paper plz send to me.. thanks
      my email id:srichandu37@gmial.com

    7. hiii…. congrats……..
      u got very good score. Iam decided to write the pH test could u help me. plz tell which book has to follow and how to follow.just suggest me….plz….
      and send syllabus and material

    8. Hey hii

      Congratulations for the same..!!Please email me some study link or material or pdfs u would have studied to crack the test.I will be very obliged to you for the favour…


    9. iam going to attend this exam on 10 of this month.
      pls tell me some tips to crack the exam. I have one dout in this exam any negative marks r ther if ther pls mail me some news about this exam to my mail…my mail id is nayeemuddin523@gmail.com

    10. Hello Mam
      I am a 2012 passout fresher.. I scored 69.8% in graduation and 76% in 10th and 12th.. I want to write a elitmus how to prepare and which study material effective to get more percentile. company recruit me i have a good percentile? Do they take my academics also? my overall qualification is elligible? please give your guidance

    11. pls mail me some tip for scoring good marks in phtest what we should not for negative marking, like how many qution we have to attend

  2. i’ve completed my b.tech with e.c.e branch this 15june only.And I want to know that any companies related to that stream.

  3. Hi ritika congrats to u for score plz help me out how to prepare for elitmus test,& on which topic one has to concentrate to get good score like u

  4. hi maam, congrats for such a fantastic score maam. please give me some tips and areas where i should focus in order to a get a good score and how to tackle questions from data interpretation.
    i will be awaiting for your reply maam
    please send me info at

    thanks maam.

  5. cngrts for ur score ritika………… pls send me some of the tips and pattern of the pH test so that i can try to get good percentile..
    my email id:rajuajay567@gmail.com

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    how u managd 2 get such a good precentile.i need ur help.plz also send me some tips on my e-mail id:khushboosweet9@gmail.com

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  9. hello sir,
    i am an ece engineer(2010 batch) fresher. Is there any chance of getting recruited after getting good percentile in ph test? should i give this exam or not?

  10. sir,i am in 7 sem,persuing BE,can u give me some usefull ideas and ways through which i can prepare for elitmus and crack it.after a student has crack this ,then is it conform that she 0r he will be called for interviews? which type of work the fresher do and what was basic salary?

  11. I have scored a 99+ percentile in ph. My acads are as follows:
    10th – 92% (CBSE)
    12th – 85% ( ” )
    B.tech-IT(reputed college) – 7/10 cgpa
    When should I expect calls , and from which companies ??

  12. I have a good overall percentile of 99.27…however my problem solving is a little below 70….do companies check individually what marks I got in each section and are there cutoffs?

    1. hi dear!! congrsss first and plzz give me some tips to prepare this!!! i m fresher n wana crack this paper plzz give me some suggestion related to material on my mail id vinitohm@gmail.com

    2. hey congratulations…i think u did it and individual score dosnt matter as a friend of mine said.
      i also want to score above 95.but i couldnt last time.please suggest me som tips and if u have some materials u followed..please send me at rs1029.bit@gmail.com

  13. folks lemme know which books i have to refer in e-format, i came to know that CAT material is enough and nothing less than it, but if any one of here is having enough material to crack the exam(ELITMUS), JUST PUSH IT TO MY INBOX:

    name: leela phaneendra
    email id: funny.srm@gmail.com
    contact number: 9885690084

    ———-> most awaiting for the reply 🙁

  14. Is it beneficial to give Elitmus test on 7th july(or is it too late)? as i am interested only in a cuple of companies(Only in delhi/NCR) like BlackRock and specially RBS.

  15. willl they ask technical questions in elitmus……….some are saying no and some are saying yes////please someone correctly answer my doubt if at all u have concern knowledge or experience about it.

  16. Hai.I am Tulasi.I have completed M.C.A 2011.
    I am Working as a Java trainer chennai.
    Now,I am Plamnning to Write this exam .is it Write Decision or not/

  17. hi mam/sir
    i am raviteja ,new to elitmus i will be so thankful if anyone help me to complete my elitmus exam
    i have done my graduation in the stream of electrical and electronics so please help me to prepare elitmus exam

    you can mail me you suggestion : rvteja225@gmail.com

  18. In elitmus, 90percentile is not worth.. i got 93 but no use.. if u want better companies, ur percentile must be above 96

  19. hi guys, i scored 97.98 percentile in the ph test and have 85%+ in 10th 12th and btech. I got 99.8+ in both verbal and logical but i didn’t attempt any questions in quant hence got onli 35 percetile in quant. Will this reduce my chances of getting a call for the interview?

  20. i am a b.tech(ECE)pass out.if i clear the elitmus exam with good percentile,would i get a call from company for the interview?
    i have this doubt because my branch is electronics and communication.

  21. hey ritika congrats on ur score in elitmus….can u suggest me some tips regarding the paper of e litmus,,,,,i am a fresher in mechanical engineering….please mail me some books about this paper,,,,that will be helpful for me to crack the paper of elitmus…mail id is ankijoshi1234@gmail.com

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  23. sir i have completed my btech 2012 but still unemployed,is there any oppurinity for me in elitmus
    or as i have all ready spend my one year it would be benificial for me to take the test…..
    sir… i m in fix…
    SIR plz send me information on my male
    pankajkashyapp28@gmail.com as soon as possible..
    thank you…

  24. well i dnt thnk my comment is needed.
    u am in 2nd year branch is electronics and instrumentation and serching option for my career. n just herd about elitmus. well m too going to gav ur exam.
    hop for the best. 🙂 thank you

  25. hi I want to take a test anyone please suggest me full syllabus and fee structure of elitmus.
    regards and thanks………………….

  26. hey please tell me after giving ph test……..company will take aptitude round again or need to give any aptitude test during palcement? company allow direst interview for people who has ph score? please reply me as early as possible…

  27. Hi Ritika congrats can you give more information about elitmus paper….and how to prepare how much Ques.must be attend to score good marks? and what is the negetive marking in the exam?please send me solutions of my Questions.

  28. hi!ier
    actually i am the student of the electronics&communication engg. final year.So please provide me the information related with there is any provision for techniacl paper regardless of the mathematical ,verbal,data interpretation.I need complete guide on that like marks ,syllabus ,no.of questions all about.

  29. hiiiiiiii guys …. i also gave the exam of elitmus. in the exam only 60 question comes in to 3 part of 20 20 question.
    if u want to crack ph test exam…. u hv to prepare for CAT exam…. its good for u…. i gave first time exam and i got nothing . so i prepare my self for crack this exam.

  30. sir.. i am a 2013 btech pass out. i want to give this test. but i want to know something. i live in kolkata so wil my test centre be at kolkata? and when do the resultls get published? and how i am to approach the companies if i carry a good percentile?

  31. Hey guys its really very easy to crack this exam………….Please put your maximum effort to solve the problems related to this exam……and before that you should built and increase your problem solving skills…………all the best for new aspirants.

  32. Hai i had completed my btech recently and i m interested in taking the pH test for which i need to know what are all the books i had refer and what is the exam pattern and if possible mail the online material for that preparation like the ebooks ,test papers etc…….. mail id manoj786687kumar@gmail.com

  33. Hi, I’m currently in my final year of my graduation and I’m really interested in taking the pH test but i don’t have the guidance nor the materials or either the syllabus so please mail me everything related to pH test at fnasir93@yahoo.com. I’d really would appreciate your help (previous pH test-takers)

  34. This test s all to test you Aptitude !! afterwards you just need to go though the normal procedure of technical rounds in the company which shortlist your profile. They basically look for some one who has a food Ph score + good good academic scores in X XII and Grad + with a good comm skills..
    Hope this helps ,

    Cheers Avi

  35. hello i am in b.tech final yr.
    i am not a brriliant student i got only 65% in 10th and 62% in 12th . So elitmus exam would help me to get placed in good company ????

  36. how can i get pevious papers of elitmus……. how should i prepare for this test…… can i get a reasonable answer from any one….. plz…. i’l be waiting for proper suggestion……………….

  37. Nazia Parveen attempt only those questions that u know
    This is a tough xam and attempting 50% of the total questions will give you gud percentile… quantz is very tough
    So conc on English more

  38. every one is concentrated in what book to buy. use the source you have and prepare well. no book is good untill you read. internet has the biggest source. use it .

  39. Anyone,Please tell me the book name which you refer to get succeed in Elitmus. And pls give tips. I am waiting anyones reply.
    My mail id is:vijayalakshmi.gurusamy@gmail.com.
    Thank u…


  41. hi ,
    i got 80+ percent in all my accademics. and i finished my B.E(ECE) in 2013.
    im in a eager to write PHtest ll you pls guide me??? my mail id is aishwarya.U71@gmail.com
    congrazzz for those who gt gud score in PH test.. i hope that you ll help me definitely.

  42. Nazia Parveen 6-8 from quanta, 6-8 from reasoning and 10-12 from English..try to solve quanta first..if you able to solve 6-7 question just shift to reasoning and so on .

  43. Hi frds, Coming 24th i am writing the elimtus exam i need qus pattern ,previous qus paper and suggestion for how to face a exam. pls send below mail id :sathishbca3@gmail.com

  44. as i got 66% in my graduatiopn.if get good elitmus score,do companies recruit me through ph score or do they take my academic percentage also???????

  45. Go through the books for CAT exams by Arun Sharma. The books “How to prepare for CAT”-Quantitative aptitude,DI,Verbal ability & reading comprehension and Logical reasoning. These books will help u for sure..:)

  46. i am Kalpesh Bhamre…..i have done my engineering in IT branch…..i am looking for job…….i want job in IT field as software developer (java). i am fresher………so please any job is available then inform me ……my email id : kalpeshbhamre05@gmail.com
    Thank You Sir