Civil Service Examination

Civil Service Examination .. Based on Selection Process, Applicants will be recruited. Initially, applicants should face Prelims GS, aptitude! In the parent mains, you have to choose an optional subject. The marks that are important are important. The deadline for submission of the Civil Services (2018) has expired on March 6. Applicants who have begun preparations on June 3rd .. What options should be selected from now on? What’s scoring optional? And other activities. So, we have provided what are the Options in Civil Mains, and also some of the Instructions which need to be followed by the applicants as per Expert Advice

Civil Services Exam Pattern

In view of the growing competition for the present Civil, the candidates should proceed with Prelim’s perspective of the main examination. Particularly optional selection requires clarity as early as possible. There are 26 subjects available, including language literature in mains: Arts, Humanities, Science, Technology, (Medical, Management, and Mathematics). To choose In the mains, the paper-6 (Optional Sub-Paper 1) and Paper -1 (Optional Subject Paper -2) will be required to conduct a test in two papers – 250 marks per papers, in the 1750 marks of the Mains Written Test Taking into consideration) .. One option is 500 marks. Interest, background Optional subject selection. The candidates should take into account their interest and academic background. Some opinions are crazy, scoring options. For example, Public Administration, Sociology, Philosophy, History, Geography. Candidates who select the same should self-analyze their understanding of their subjects in terms of their subjects. If the subjects are selected, can the syllabus be completed in the available time (from Prelim notification to Mains)? Should also be taken into consideration.

Civil Service List – Civil Services posts

Here is the civil services list for which combined examinations are held.

Indian Administrative Service
Indian Foreign Service
Indian Police Service
Group A Services
Indian P & T Accounts & Finance Service
Indian Audit and Accounts Service
Indian Revenue Service (Customs and Central Excise)
Indian Defence Accounts Service
Indian Revenue Service (I.T.)
Indian Ordnance Factories Service (Assistant Works Manager, Administration)
Indian Postal Service
Indian Civil Accounts Service
Indian Railway Traffic Service
Indian Railway Accounts Service
Indian Railway Personnel Service
Indian Railway Protection Force (Assistant Security Commissioner)
Indian Defence Estates Service
Indian Information Service (Junior Grade)
Indian Trade Service, Group ‘A’ (Gr. III)
Indian Corporate Law Service

Group – B Services

Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service (Section Officer’s Grade)
Delhi, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli Civil Service
Delhi, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli Police Service
Pondicherry Civil Service
Pondicherry Police Service

Civil Service Exam

Some subjects are very easy to read while reading. But there is a difference in the way the questions in the test are related to them. For example, if we consider the Public Administration subjects, we will see that the collector system that we see is the alliance of leading scientists. The questions that appear on the day of the test are to test a thorough understanding. For example, a question asked by Previous Main Paper Public Administration Paper -1.

“Leaders do the right things, managers do right them” – (Warren Bermis). Is this distinction by him valid? Explain,

To answer the above question, you should have a thorough understanding of all aspects of the executive system, including the administrative system. Optional selection should be taken into consideration.

Civil Services List

Here is the list of Civil Services Posts, The Civil Service Examination 2018 is one of the prestigious exams in our country. Civil Service Examination is organized under the authorities of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Throughout of India, Civils 2018 is one of the finest and mostly chosen career by India youngsters. Despite, when compare to Software and IT careers, Civil Serviceare not less, which is great than other careers. as per considering many terms of structure, This career is one of the toughest and also contains competitive exams in India.

The Civil Service establishes the backbone of our country government structure. Civil Services is the primary service, which handles all the high majority organizations of state and central administration. Basically, there are three types of services are available, Those 3 types of services recruited through the Civil Services Examination are All India Services, Central Services, and State Services.

Civil Service Test

Material availability is also crucial in optional selection. Currently, there is no problem in the availability of the Arts and Humanities subjects. But in the case of technical, science and other specialized subjects, there is an opinion that the material is sourced. Candidates those who selected by these subjects will have to depend heavily on their academic books. Engineering and Medical Candidates are the fact that the standard Gate for Engineering candidates, IES Material Available. Medical optional candidates are available for material related to the CMS. Material availability may be limited to other subjects (eg, agriculture, management etc.). Therefore, the optimal choice is to consider material availability and its validity.

Civils Prelims 

The Civil Examination of the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is the highest competition examination in the country. Every year the notification will release and organizes recruitment process within scheduled dates. For this reason, the talents of the country are struggling with the aim of the civils. 

IAS, IPS, IFS and many other 24 national level service posts, Civil Prelims are the main exam to face, Candidates those who filter in Prelims those are called for Mains exam. The Preliminary Examination is considered as filtration, because candidates will be easily sorted out, so This is a filter test. Every year, about 5 lakh people attend for Preliminary exam… The selected candidates will be chosen for the Main Examination. What has to do with this competition? How to read?  What strategies do you follow? The candidate needs clarity on the other.

CIVILS Prelims Syllabus

You need to know about age limit, qualifications, application form, etc. All posts have passed Bachelor’s Degree in Education. Last year students may also attend Civil Prelims. The subject matter of the notification is to examine the principle of “syllabus”. The candidate will be aware of his personal capabilities with the Syllabus Journal of Notification. Clarity on issues to be looked at in terms of prep. Besides, it will create awareness about the time allotted and the reading books. Be careful in the material collection.

It is difficult to tell how many questions are asked about any topic in the syllabus. For example, taking the Politics and Governance .. 12 questions in 2015, the number has dropped by 2016. In the year 2017, there were 22 questions from this department. However, from the history, science, and technology / environmental ecology, biodiversity, and climate change, the average number of questions from 18 to 20 questions are asked for the past five years. So the candidates need to hold on to all aspects of the syllabus.

Current Affairs

Over the last four years, the change in current affairs questions has changed. There is a growing number of indirect questions in place of directions. Also from the subjects of core subjects associated with contemporary topics the questions are coming. Last year, 22 questions were asked in the Current Events section, including 12 core subjects (Polity, Economy, Geography etc.).

Time Management

Time Management is crucial in terms of preparation. Daily Preparation is mandatory, at least work hard for eight hours. Also, read all the subjects in the day. After completing a subject, another subset is not a good idea, which means that some subjects
will be left to finish. Candidates need to follow the memory tips in preparation. Candidates should follow strategies such as shortcut notes, visualization techniques, chart based notes..

Language literature – Civil Service Examination Syllabus

If you look at the results of recent civilian mains results, you may find that the language literature (language literature) is optional and the number of successes is high. Candidates who opt for language literature should be observed Those who select the literature of the mother tongue also have to look at the optional syllabus. The last questions should be analyzed. Decide on the option of selecting language literature just then.

Civil Services Preparation

Preferred optional option .. To add optional prep to parallel to some time Assign. Economy/Sociology / Public Administration / History / Geography and other options have some additional benefits. Because of the opting of the optional option in Prelim’s syllabus. In the mains, from the GSL-1 to GS-4, the subjects are subject to the subjects in the syllabus. It should be taken advantage of. Better marks can be obtained by analytical study.

The mains optional subject should be prepared to read at least twice before the exam. You have to choose the subject accordingly. Some subjects length is widespread. It’s also hard to finish them once. Even though some subjects’ syllabus is low, they can easily be read and read twice. It’s good to pick such ones.

Own Preparation

Optional selection of self-preparation self-preparation is also optional. There is no doubt that the Arts and Humanities subjects are over. Particularly, working executives should consider this matter. Individuals who are self-prep tend to constantly analyze their skills level. The model tests for this should be written and evaluated by experts.

Civil Service Exam

Resource availability Optional selection Candidates should first take an interest. The decision should also be taken to examine the available resources available to the prep. If you want to choose technical and science subjects optionally, it is the only tool for success and the complete understanding of their brilliance.

Paper-2 is the key!

The Civils Prelims candidates should carefully deal with Paper 2 (Aptitude Test). Though it is a qualified test, the paper -1 (General Studies) will evaluate only 33% marks. Paper-2 is also crucial. Especially reading comprehension,
Numerical Ability and Decision Making etc. The candidates must be fully restricted to the revision from the month prior to the date of the test and attend  Mock and Model Tests.

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