Check certificate – Verify Genuine Certificate

Check certificate –  Verify Genuine Certificate:

There is a Check certificate –  Verify Genuine Certificate rule has passed recently, now all the duplicate certificates those who doing duplicate certificates should be careful and stop doing duplicate certificates. As per the latest news, from last 5 years, the higher educated students details are available in websites. The educational system has provided this easily. Recently on Hyderabad press meet, Thummula Papi Reddy educational chairman professor said that all the details of the students who studied in affiliated colleges are stored on their official website. The newly formed state i.e, Telangana has recently released many duplicate certificates and providing those duplicate certificates to the unemployees. Candidates are using duplicate certificates to the job interviews and getting jobs.

Regarding this issue, Telangana state CM KCR has also organized a meeting to stop this process. So, the educational chairman has collected all the details of the students those who are studied in affiliated colleges. All those lists are safely stored with them, From 2012 students who studied all their information ( from all the Universities ).  The official web site to check the student information is In a few days, it is going to be available for all the people. is a website, which was organized for the students those who wants to check their information or any companies those can simply visit the to get the details or visit to get the details. web site is also useful for the candidates those who are going to abroad for their studies or job purpose, is useful for the verification purpose. without paying anything, we can easily get the information from the website. officials want to stop this duplicate certificates scheme, Till now JNTUH.

Check certificate

officials want to stop this duplicate certificates scheme, Till now JNTUH university and many other universities of JNTU all tried to give the information but companies should firstly register then only that information will get. Some companies are not recognizing talented students sometimes due to this issues, so many of the talented candidates are also facing this problem very seriously. Some candidates are directly changing the marks list as per the company requirements. Some candidates not only issuing the duplicate certificates but also changing the marks. For all these issues, Telangana State educational government has decided to quit this issues by providing the online website of all the student’s information at free of cost. If any case, any candidate gave wrong information, you can pass this information to police force and make a complaint against those candidates.

In a few days, link will be available for all. In future, degree students records, attendance of the students are also going to be added in the website. They want to stop this scheme, they have issued the official web site of and also released it for free of cost. so, candidates who are looking for the help those can those can use this web site for the future purpose. Hope this website will help for genuine and talented students.


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