Automation Effect on Jobs – Effects of Automation on Society

Impact of Automation On IT Industry – Jobs at Risk of Automation

Automation Effect on Jobs: Due to Automation Technology, Will IT industry cut Humans and continue to work for a few years only? Impact of Automation, Will human resources be reduced? effects on BPO’s and testing bugs job roles. Already have an impact on IT industry and working in different fields. Artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence), automation, and more are expected. Many jobs currently in existence are expected to disappear. In such a situation, are automation and alternatives to those working in Artificial Intelligence sector? In future, which technology and skills have more demand? In this post, we have provided what is automation and its impact?? jobs at risk of automation ?? So, people, those who are interested can read complete post… Let’s get into the topic…


Jobs Lost To Automation

Job security has become challenging while coming to IT industry. Any company or job, any kind of work sector, Any kind of organization, Pink slip at any moment! The reason is the moment changing technology and jobs lost to technology. By the year 2021, over 5 lakh jobs in the country are affected by Automation Impact. The latest surveys have shown and also different studies have shown that the existing technologies are inaccessible and new technologies will be replaced … resulting in new types of jobs available. Specifically, low-skilled employees and routine workforce are expected to lose jobs.


Automation Effect on Jobs


Automation Effect on Testing


It seems that companies are willing to get rid of testing and manual software testers. They are replaced by Automatic Tests Engineers. IT companies are interested. These include automated testing and manual testing related tasks. Automation Companies are preferred for holding applications like Metic Testing Web Application and Selenium. Manual software tests … Expert advised that automated testing tools should be taught to maintain their job. Besides, QA engineers, software test engineers are doing the job. It’s good to update your skills regularly.


Impact on BPO:

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) jobs such as Data Entry Operator, Technical Support, Customer Service Executive, etc .. Artificial Intelligence and Automation Effective, Reports say that it is likely to be floppy. Those jobs in the Low skilled division were about 31 percent cut by robotic process automation (RDA). Seems to be coming. Employees working in their respective departments should utilize their skills in the newly implemented technology. Or other attractive field. India, UK and the US are likely to be in the front line in jobs in the BPO sector.


Impact of Automation on Employment

In the management of software, the cost of maintenance and infrastructure is high. Companies are trying to reduce these costs. The jobs of server maintenance and maintenance engineers are also in danger. Once the companies have delivered their products to the clients … any errors in the product, design errors, are constantly supervised by mechanical engineers to correct errors. However, with the artificial intelligence (AI), the technology to correct these deficiencies is coming. The jobs will be in danger. Expertise believes that the skills of the infrastructure are changing in the management of the skills of the innovators, especially the system engineer, IT Operations Manager, and the system administrator’s job recruitment, automation and artificial intelligence.

Automation Effect on Jobs


More impact on Low Skilled

Effect more on Low Skilled, without human involvement provides customers with automated support for improving their productivity and improving their productivity. In this order, a large number of employees are likely to be eliminated. Especially in jobs where low skilled (less skilled) appointments have already been aborted. Similarly, IT and ITES (BPO, KPO, and RPO) are likely to be decreasing. As part of the automation process, employees do the work through programming. Low skilled jobs are reduced, while in middle level jobs. IT sources said the growth is likely to rise. Mid-level employment hiring, such as programming, designing, monitoring and middle management, will increase creativity.

Automation and Its Impact

The automation effect has nothing to do with the creativity of employees. Automation will have a greater advantage for those with high-level skills. Client’s services are the needs of clients. Companies are welcomed by companies with key skills of designing and implementing Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Analytical Thinking, Critical Thinking etc.

Automation and Jobs

Lead Web Production.
Product designer.
Data Scientist.
Digital Marketing Head.
Information Security Analysis.

Research and Development Engineer.
Quality Assurance Analysis.


Careers in Demand for the Future

Courses that are in demand in the near future include Cyber Security, Cloud Technology, Development Appearance, Bigdata, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. Already doing jobs 50% IT professionals with four to ten years experience in seniors are joining training courses and online courses. These include Big Data and Analytics, Project Management, Cloud Computing; Cybersecurity, agile and scam, digital marketing courses..

Skills to Develop:

As the automation is getting popular, People were focusing on Artificial Intelligence, Digitalization Tools, IOT (Internet Of Things) Tools, Cloud Technologies, Remote Based Programmation, Computer Aided Programs Design, Development, Robotics, Application Skills. In addition to digital marketing design, User Interface (UI) Technologies, Data Science, iPhone Application Developer, Android Developer, ADW, Salesforce Cloud Technologies, Angle JS, Node JS, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Hadoop, Spark, Java etc. Experts say there is demand.

Effects of Automation on the Economy

Automation Technology has high potential to transform future jobs. Automation is going to drive huge changes in the IT business sector. The technology underlying intelligence that establishes the transformative effect on the industry sector. Therefore, automation in today’s world is information without reference to artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and other disruptive technologies.

Jobs At Risk of Automation

As per many surveys and experts, In future, there is a huge impact of automation on employment. Not only future, it has a huge effect on Automation and also many jobs at risk of automation. As per information, In the year 2016, Infosys has openly shared that, nearly 21000 jobs were a loss of jobs due to technology. In future, We are going to watch the impact of automation on employment opportunities in IT sector, BPO sector and also Business support services in almost all employment sectors.


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