Resume Writing Tips for Freshers & Experienced | Tips for Creating Blockbuster Resume

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Resume TIPS

Resume Tips

A resume has one purpose – to market your skills, achievements, professional background, academic history, and future potential to a prospective employer.

It is Much like a 30-second commercial, today’s resume must provide maximum data as quickly as possible and differentiate you from all other candidates, all while being presented in an attractively packaged.


Writing a winning resume simply takes thought and planning. So Before Creating a Resume, you must have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish in your professional life in order to maximize the impact of your resume for your targeted audience.

Before writing a Resume, there are lots of things to keep in mind. They are

  1. Typography (Font & Size)
  2. Customization of your resume
  3. Using  Better resume keywords
  4. Resume format, Size and File Names
  5. Highlighting qualities and strengths
  6. Using effective titles
  7. Using Bullet Lists
  8. Proper Headers and Footers
  9. Using No pronouns
  10. Use action verbs
  11. Never Use Any Pictures in Resume
  12. Using Mr. and Ms. if appropriate

Choosing a layout :

Choosing a layout is one of the important thing, which every one mostly neglect it. Resume layout depends on your Field, your Skill set, and your career Path

Three types of resume layout :

  • Chronological resume
  • Functional resume
  • Combination resume.

Information That Every Good Resume should Contain the Following Things :

  • Correct Contact Information
  • Education and Training Details
  • Skill Set and Qualifications Summary
  • Achievements
  • Your current career level
  • Professional Experience (For experienced)



STEP 1 : (Regardless of which resume style you choose, it should be formatted in a specific way.)

For Creating a Resume, open a blank Document in Microsoft Word and set Margins to 1” all around. Use 14 for section headings, and 12 for all other text. Never use Capital Letters all over the place. Use standard fonts such as Georgia, Arial or Times New Roman.

STEP 2 : Choosing a Proper Lay out for Resume

Chronological resume : Best for those who have mostly worked in the same field

Follow the below Order for chronological Resume :

  1. List your employment history.
  2. Provide information on your education.
  3. Add additional sections as needed (Job specific skills,)

Functional Resume : Best for those who cannot show a steady career progression.

Follow the below Order for Functional Resume :

  1. Education’ or ‘Skills,
  2. Awards, and Achievements
  3. List your employment history

Resume Tips | Resume Format

Combination Resume : Best for those who have specific skills and wish to highlight how they were acquired. (For Freshers Mostly)

Follow the below Order for Combination Resume

  1. Education details
  2. Graduation Project Details (If Any)
  3. List your employment history.
  4.  Information on your skills, awards, and achievements.

STEP 3 : Headings (Titles)

Left-align your section headings. You can single-space after a heading and before the section content and double-space before a heading. Like it or not, employers will usually make a judgment about your resume in 5 seconds.

STEP 4 : Contact Information

Include your Working E-mail, Mobile number, Contact Address with Pin Code Compulsory.

STEP 5 : Skills, Responsibilities  and accomplishments

These  Details should highlight your skills and your ability to do the job for which you are applying. Here use the proper Verbs for that describe your responsibilities. For Example : ‘scheduled appointments’ ‘assisted clients’ and ‘provided administrative support.’

STEP 6 :  Personal Details 

In this Section you have to include your full name, Parents Name, DOB, Passport Details, Contact Details, Languages known etc..

After including every thing about Personal Details, Contact Details, Work Exp, Responsibilities at present Position and past, Skill Set, Education and Certifications, make sure there are no mistakes in spellings and Grammar.

Restrict the Resume to 2-3 Pages Max for Entry Level Graduates & 1-3 Years Exp . For More Experienced Candidates it can be extended up to 3-4 Pages

STEP 7 : Final Step:

Save your Resume with a Proper File Name in a Word (.doc) Format of .PDF,

For Ex :  Praveen_FRESHER_B Tech_CSE.doc

Things to Avoid in Resume :

  1. Using Pictures
  2. Irrelevant work experiences
  3.  No lies, please
  4. Current and Expected Salary
  5. Size of the Resume
  6. No Hobbies
  7. No scattered information
  8. No fancy design
  9. No pronouns
  10. Spelling mistakes.
  11. Grammatical errors.
  12. Misuse of apostrophes, plurals, and possessives.


Please Don’t Ask the Sample Resume. I know what you guys do with Sample Resumes. U will just Replace the skills and other Details. I don’t want that to be happened. Follow my instructions and try to prepare your Own Resume, so it will standout from other Resume. Don’t Ever follow other Resumes for god’sake. This is why we have given this Tips.



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