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Journalism Career Path

Journalism Career: A passion for Journalism and those who desire to work as a journalist then you should know its importance and complete details of Journalism. A journalist is a Person who fights on public issues. To think of socialism, A rare opportunity is available only through journalism. Journalism is the right career option for those who have a tendency to help ten people rather than themselves.

Journalism Career

What is Journalism

Journalism career is the business of providing news. Journalists work for newspapers, magazines, News channels. And also works for government and public sector publications. Nowadays, The print medium holds an important role in daily lives, by providing daily news and performs as a forum for reporting news on all public issues.

Journalism Career Information

The media sector in the country is rapidly expanding. As investments grow in this sector, many new institutions are being established. Magazines, channels, and online news portals. Especially the 24-hour news channels are increasing. The use of digital content in Tier 2 and Tier-III cities has increased as smartphones, tabs and PCs have been increased. The online journalism is open to new jobs.

How to Be A Journalist

With increasing accessibility to the newness and the possibility of serving the society along with the right wages, the number of people moving towards journalism is increasing day by day. Universal courses are also a variety of journalism courses in this regard. Are being put on hold. Most of the universities in the country offer mass communication, journalism, diploma, pg diploma, graduation, post graduation, research level courses.

Journalism Career


Journalism Courses

Journalism Curriculum – Journalism Course Curriculum is designed for classroom lessons, field level practical work, guest lecturers, and internships. Comprehensive, clear writing of idioms, proverbs, motifs, linear sentences, complexity.. Journalism-Newsletters, In-depth understanding, the need for news to society. Reporting, communication skills, and expertise from others. How can I collect information from news or narrative – how to get news from different sources and resources? Reporters write letters (paragraphs), parsing, contradiction, and compression (editing) as needed.

How to Become a Journalist

Basic elements of geography, politics, economics, current affairs, history, sports, science, and technology. Own expression on daily developments. Own Journalism Courses The speed of the emergency along with the accuracy of the current technology world has become a global village. This has resulted in serious competition in the media field. Magazine and Channel Owners have established their own Jurisprudence schools for effective and efficient human resources.

Bachelor of Journalism 

The mainstream media in the state is hiring these kinds of journalism training centers and appoints the necessary staff. Written test, group discussion, and interviews are offered in the PG Diploma in Journalism course. Journalism is trained for a year in schools. During this period, trainers are trained in language skills, current affairs, expressive skills, reporting, and editing.

Journalism Skills required

General Knowledge
Keen observation, inquisitive temperament
Good perception
Ability to sift relevant facts from the irrelevant
Clear and logical thinking
Intellectually curious
Knowledge in Current Affairs
Self motivation
Writing style should be Accurate, readable and informed
Confidence while interviewing people
Creative thinking

Journalism Career

Journalism Careers List

Job Opportunities For journalists who are completing journalism courses are available as journals, channels reporter, and sub editor / copy editor. The reporter will have to perform tasks at the field level. Stories and news reports are to be reported to keep track of the key developments in the working area.

Sub Editor / Copy Editor.. Reports bring the news of the reports. English news stories offered by news agencies will be translated into local languages. These newspapers will then be published or broadcasted.

List of Journalism Careers

Necessary skills are creativity, leadership qualities, initiative, difficulty philosophy. Daily targets and strategy for their accomplishment. Communication Skills (Listening, Writing, Speaking ..). Self confidence and ability to face stress. Language, freedom of speech.

Journalism career

Candidates those who have successful careers in journalism tends to have few common things:

Journalists are critical thinkers who can access, synthesize, and get facts by thinking logically and also systematically

Journalists are motivated and do their best to obtain the facts.

The people those who have chosen Journalism as a career, they are good communicators who also have a storytelling skill and also create drama and suspense.

Where Do Journalists Work ?

Basically, journalists works in various fields such as Television channels, Taking interviews, write the news, news editors and web portal. As work demands, journalists need to travel at any time to any place to cover the news, so they have to travel a lot. Journalists work anywhere and anytime news whenever news breaks, so they need flexibility and willingness to work for long hours, due to the job role. Journalists should spend extra time on some topics such as press releases, interviewing subjects, developing a story and new ideas.

They should provide spot reporting, give 100% anchoring at the news desk, taking pictures, or gathering the content of the news. Mostly, reporters are worked for newspapers or in Radio or Television.

Journalism Qualifications and Work

People those who have a passion for journalism should be genuine and intelligent. People, those who have chosen Journalism as a career must have excellent research skills. Journalists should also have the best command on writing news and also must be good at media of law. In today’s digital world, people who have chosen journalism as a career they must also know the usage of mobile( how to engage via social media ) for news coverage and backpack journalism, good at blogging and best in web writing, SEO analyst.

Journalism PG Diploma course

Sakshi School of Journalism (SSJ) in Hyderabad, headed by Sakshi Media, invites applications for entrance into Journalism PG Diploma course. – Qualifications: Degree in Telugu, Knowledge of English, Degree in Degree;

Age beyond 30 years as of March 1, 2018.
Main dates

Last date for application: April 18, 2018.

Written test date: April 22, 2018.

Application form :,, Website:
To apply online..The application is to be sent by the General Post to Journalism School Address. Pay Rs 200 Fee at the time of application online.

Address: Principal, Sakshi School of Journalism, MGR estate, Model House Back, Panjagatta, Hyderabad-500082. Phone: 040-23354715.



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