Just A Minute Topics With Answers

Just A Minute Topics With Answers 

Just a Minute Topics Earlier days, there are only two rounds to crack the job interview. But, now a days in this competitive world, there are a huge number of rounds to recruit the candidates. Before days, One written test and one final interview were conducted by the recruitment board. In this competitive world, it is not easy to crack the interview. These days, candidates must face the written exam, Group discussion, Technical round, Just a minute round and Final Interview etc.

Jam Just a Minute Session is nothing but a candidates wit test. topics for just a minute competition should be very interesting which must be very unique. common topics for just a minute will make the jam just a minute session bore, so choose the current topics for just a minute and make the session interesting and something that people don’t expect. Now a days most of the Companies are conducting jam sessions to hire candidates because if the candidates were able to perform spontaneously on a topic at that time, sure shot he will be shortlisted for the final round. The jam topics will be majorly on Government relates issues, So it’s better to have a knowledge in current affairs also.

Latest Just a Minute Topics with Answers in Interviews

While hiring the candidates, Multinational companies will organize Just a minute sessions to hire the individuals. A minute will be given by the recruiter to the individual to speak about it for at least a minute. A recruiter will notice the candidates English fluency, body language, Hand gestures and judge the candidates based on these parameters. So within that one minute. all the judgement happens. Candidates those who are looking for just a minute topics for campus interviews can prepare the recent topics for just a minute. In this post, we have provided latest just a minute topics with answers in interviews for our viewers. So, read about jam topics with explanation here.

Latest Topics for Just a Minute Round

Some students may have already face the Just A Minute Round in some interviews, and some people don’t know what is meant by JAM, Some people don’t know HOW TO START THE TOPIC, JAM TOPICS. For all those people, we have mentioned the JUST A MINUTE Topics, Do’s and Don’ts, JAM TOPIC TIPS, HOW TO FACE JAM SESSION.

just a minute topics


JAM is the acronym of the JUST A MINUTE. It is the one of the Round in some interviews. The jam session is organized by the Company recruitment board for the candidates those who have attended for the Job interview. By arranging the JAM SESSION, Interviewers will have the chance to check the Talent and some of the skills of the Candidates. The interviewer will check the applicant’s skills, To test all the skills of the applicant JUST A MINUTE ROUND will be organized. Sometimes an interviewer will give you the JAM TOPIC and some other time interviewer will give a chance to select your own JAM Topic to talk in the JAM Session. Here are the just a minute topics latest, Choose any one from latest topics for just a minute round and give your best in jam just a minute session.

  • General Knowledge
  • Self-confidence
  • Communication skills
  • Spoken English & fluency
  • The flow of thoughts & also the speech.
  • Spontaneity
  • Time management
  • Sense Of Humor

What are the Do’s & Don’ts in JUST A MINUTE JAM

just a minute topics

DO’s in jam just a minute session

Follow the below list and make your JAM SESSION perfect.

  • Put a smile on your face until your session is finished.
  • Don’t be nervous while presenting the Session.
  • Explain the JAM Topic in simple and clear language.
  • Present the topic with brief details.
  • Convey in audible and clear voice
  • Give the presentation with Correct grammar.
  • Choose the topic related to Social, Political, Economical, Legal/Language and Technical (SPELT).
  • Maintain the positive outlook.
  • Finish with the Thanking note.

These are guidelines which need to be followed by the Candidates while going to take the JAM session in their Recruitment process.


  • Don’t be blabber and also don’t get nervous while participating in jam just a minute session
  • Don’t present in Grammatical mistakes.
  • Don’t give too much gap for word and don’t take much time to express.
  • Try to avoid the Cliches.
  • Don’t beat the bush.
  • Don’t give long pauses.
  • Don’t use mother tongue in the middle of the topic. Try to maintain simple and clear English words.

just a minute topics


  • Initially Choose some SIMPLE JAM Topics such as Car, Bike etc and practice it for some time. Prefer the short speech topics.
  • Discuss the JAM topic with your friends, family etc and also practice in front of the Mirror then you can also notice your facial expressions also.
  • Now, you can take the some of the essential topics like current affairs or any other current political issues which were raised.
  • Now, check out your grammar and as well as Spoken skills too. Daily practice minimum 10-20 topics per day.
  • Follow the DO’s which we have mentioned above.
  • Speak simple English and present your topic in a straight manner.
  • Daily watch English channels, Think in English, Speak in English with others and make it a habit then you will be Good in English as well as communication skills.

just a minute topics

Here we are providing 21 ideas which may help you to perform in minute speech sessions of just a minute topics.

  • Words of Wisdom : Share the best words of wisdom which you have experienced in your life and share how it helped to change your life story easy.
  • Being 10 years old again : If you got a chance to go back to your childhood days and start your life within 10 years of age.
  • Starting a New Business : Nowadays Entrepreneurship is a boon, which is the opportunity to develop the business idea and business plan.
  • Getting Published : If a published invited you to publish a book, what would be the title for your book?
  • Most memorable meal : Describe the best meal you have experience with your lovable ones and what made it memorable to you.
  • Favorite food : What is your favourite food and the reason for it.
  • A second chance : What is that one thing you want to rewind and change your life?
  • Stand Up and Speak : Speak on anyone topic on your choice.
  • Life As an Object : Describe life as if would the object
  • Before they were famous : Name any one of your idols and describe the story of them before they got famous and what are the qualities that made them famous today.

Just a Minute Topics Along With Answers

The role of women in society 

Women are the crucial part in our society. Equal to men, women’s are also working in the modern society and have many jobs and duties. But we can’t neglect the women less power and authority. They are created as a partner for men and they have to look after to make her walk and lead success in the course of life.
Every woman plays a responsible role in a mother, daughter, sister and wife.

As these responsibility roles help in developing and creating a good society. They are still some member who abuse women and criticize them. But it is not correct. We have seen thousands of legal cases of domestic violence among the country. Women are facing with another problem and that is abortion. Here morality is a problem and women are sometimes not ready to be a mother and they’re already the were left by their husbands or boyfriends. Men will not handle the situation and just walk away but women have to face the situation and decide where to have a baby or aborted. Few people say that it is wrong decision to let women have an abortion because of they a killing an innocent baby.

The important unit of society are the woman, As she takes whole responsibility, the woman is the reason to make a family, the family makes homes and homes will make society. We cannot include society without the role of women and with the existence of them, we can develop the society.

Here is one of the topics about Global Warming

Global Warming is due to increase of earth temperature because of greenhouse gases, like releasing carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels or deforestation, Which absorb heat and would escape from earth. This is also called as the greenhouse effect. Earth’s climate is mainly effected by the first 6 miles of the atmosphere which have most of the matter creating the atmosphere. if you once think about it, it is a very thin layer. if you see the earth from space, the main part of the atmosphere will be thick like a skin on an onion. This is very sad that human beings are the cause to change the climate.

Effects of Global Warming

Health :

injuries and deaths will involve public health from heat waves, and also more intense storms, floods, and wildfires; more severe bad-air days; and create allergen potency, disease pathways. Moreover, global warming effects our health.

Food :

Climate effects threaten crops, livestock, and fisheries leading to heat induced declines in productivity, changes in rainfall timings and intensity by the effect, and also changes will take place in types of fish and pests.

Water use :

A changing climate leads to risks to the quality and supply of water for drinking, irrigation, shipping and also for many uses. For example, rising seas can impose into coastal groundwater which is used for drinking.

Costs :

The change in climate effects money, time and damaging infrastructure, disturbing economic activity, change in medical expenses, losing work days, and obtaining adaptions like migrating people out of difficulties.

Another, Just a minute topics with Explanation

Self-confidence :

Self-confidence is the main thing to achieve success in everything.
There are few questions you need to know mainly

How many times were you not able to spend with people you wanted because of shyness and nervousness?

How many times do you feel that you are alone wondering what to do while your friends get what they want? 

How many times you felt yourself sorry due to less confidence and observed helplessly while other moved forward?

I hope you believe that self-confidence plays an important role in everyone’s life which change your life faster what you imagine. To obtain self-confidence it is not too difficult. It is very easy to develop. The main reason for not having self-confidence is shyness. You should be comfortable with yourself to open out your shell, and it is shyness and doesn’t lock up yourself. It is a rooted fear.

Faith is another thing that you have to develop. Faith is the feeling of strong belief beyond proof. First, you have to believe in yourself that you can do and then it is possible to believe anybody. some of the qualities that you have to develop and those are Commitment, Courage and Hard Work. To get success Commitment is the important thing. it denotes action. For a purpose, you have to do pledge. It explains standing for something from determination and persistence.

Communication skills are also a main role for self-confidence. Communication is like conveying our messages to other people with clarity and obviously. Through communications, we can share our ideas and think throughout the country. If our communication is poor, it will do not reflect our thoughts and ideas what we really think.

Across these qualities, love is one of the things that binds us each other. Love opens the main gates and it is the gate to all secrets of the universe. Everything can be gained in love across the world.

A group of various main qualities those are faith, commitment, hard work, courage, communication skills and love these all things will lead to self-confidence. It is easy to obtain and self-confidence is easy to learn and develop yourself.

Role Of Women In Society

We can also choose another topic about Women role in a society : As we all know that women play a very crucial role in all our lives. And In fact, women are equal to men. In fact, my point of view women is greater than men in each aspect of lives, Because women can handle their both Job and personal life. People who are still thinking about education is waste for women they should really open their eyes and educate their girl child like boy child. Educate her then she will be an example for many and also future generations.

In every aspect, Women are never failing in fulfilling their responsibilities in their personal lives. Nowadays, Men are understanding and encouraging their wives but still, some men abusing their spouse and some husbands are forcing her to abort if it is a girl child, So please stop all those horrible things. Please treat women as a human like everyone, because they are mainly responsible for the families and only those families make a good society. So, finally, women should provide equal rights, educate her and treat her well.


Above are the just topics list, all the viewers who have any doubts regarding just a minute rules those can follow these steps. Thank you 🙂

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