It is your Soft Skills that Matter to get Jobs and Grow in an Organization

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Youngsters, especially those who are aspiring jobs in MNCs and software companies, must have been familiar with ‘soft skills’ and may even fed up with it, having heard that too many times..

Indeed, it is interesting to study how candidates make the best impression on visiting recruiters. Invariably, it seems that recruiters like the outgoing, friendly, well-adjusted candidates more than those with great qualifications and high scores, but have less acceptable soft skills. Ofcourse, there is no doubt that person appearance contributes significantly to a positive reaction.

soft Skills

Why you need soft skills?

Many academically brilliant Indian managers and graduates are good in their fields of specializations, but are vulnerable when managing people. They achieve far less than what their knowledge and analytical skills warrant. In the word of MM Monipally, “Some people might still say that ‘I don’t need to be taught how to communicate, after all ! I am a Convent Product” Sure, they are.

In the Initial years of one’s career technical abilities are important to get good Jobs. However, when it comes to growing in an organization, it is your soft skills that matters, More so in large Organizations where several people with similar technical expertise compete for promotion.

Soft Skills : What are they?

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Soft Skills training is essential because we do not have it in our academic curricular. Therefore, engineering colleges have to take up the task of grooming the ‘budding engineers’ who will emerge as link between the company and the external world, so that they are able to present themselves better. In today’s competitive job market Minimum acceptable skills are being replaced with higher standards. And among the higher standards is what is called “soft skills”.

Soft skills — otherwise known as emotional intelligence — include attributes such as personality traits, etiquette, written and verbal communication, interpersonal skills and self-awareness. Soft skills complement hard skills. Soft skills drive our ability to connect with others, to communicate effectively, to understand ourselves and therefore to self-regulate. They are said to be more important for life success than IQ.

Person who rank high in this cluster, with good soft skills, are generally the people that most employers want to hire. No Doubt, soft skills complement hard skills, which are technical requirements of a job.

They are the underlying principles that trademark an organization for professionalism and excellent customer service. They provide differentiation between employees and play a vital role in customer loyalty. These soft-skills display our strengths rather than one demonstration of our technical knowledge. There may be no easy way to train for soft skills. The basics stem from early childhood and the family environment. But just as you can learn a language after infancy, it is possible to acquire these skills as well, if you develop awareness about them.



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