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What is a GD?

A GD is a methodology used by an Most of the Companies to examine whether the candidate has certain personality traits and/or skills that it desires in its members. In this methodology, the group of candidates is given a topic or a situation, given a few minutes to think about the same, and then asked to discuss among themselves for 15 – 20 Minutes and place their opinion on the topic.

Why a GD is Compulsory / Where do we Get Marked ?

  • To Test your Ideas
  • To Test your Thinking Ability
  • To Test how quickly we respond or Not
  • Not To Check who can do what, but to Check What can YOU Do
  • To Test if your are a Good Listener
  • To Check the LEADERSHIP Skills

Rules of a Group Discussion in Corporate World :

  • Number of Participants
  • Time alloted for GD would be 10-20 Minutes
  • Most of the Time the Topic Will be pre-decided
  • Judging takes Place on Ideas, Introduction, summary
  • Topic can be Abstract or Technical.

Things to make Sure Before a GD :

  • Reading Newspapers, Watching TV for Current Evens, Politics, Economics, Science and Technology will always help you to find More Knowledge on Topics given for GD
  • Dressing Professionally will always make you look like a Mature Person.
  • Choose a optimum Place to sit in a GD, such that u can have eye contact with all the participants in the GD
  • Be Sure about the topic which was given GD panel , if not ask for clarification.
  • Analyze the topic given, think about Examples, data in the time given for Preparation

Body Language in a Group Discussion :

  • Make Sure you’re Sitting Straight
  • Look Alert, but not stiff
  • Show Enthusiasm, but don’t act too smart.
  • It is essential to make eye Contact with Every Member of group, don’t ignore any of the Participants.
  • Never Show Aggressiveness on your Face or by hands..
  • Address the whole Group along with the panelist.



  • Speak In the Language which Everyone understand, Where English is Preferred More
  • You Get More Impression for the initiative in the Discussion
  • Should Listen others Carefully.
  • Be Respectful to all the Participants.
  • Generate your Own ideas on the Topic and talk
  • Keep the language simple and Clear
  • In GD, If you have to Disagree others, then state Politely and Camly.
  • Highlighting New ideas
  • All GD should end with a Agreed Goal.
  • Don’t be weak and Unconvincing.
  • Don’t Ever use Filler Words like hmmm, Aaa, ohhh, haaaa etc..
  • Don’t Use Incorrect Grammar
  • Don’t Speak all at once, give others a chance
  • Don’t Interrupt others while they Speak.
  • Don’t attack on other Member’s Personal View’s
  • Don’t Make False or Incorrect Statements in GD.

GDs can be Topic based or Case based :

Factual topic | Controversial topics | Abstract topics

Factual Topics

Factual topics are about practical things, which an ordinary person is aware of in his day-to-day life. Typically these are about socio-economic topics. These can be current, i.e., they may have been in the news lately, or could be unbound by time. A factual topic for discussion gives a candidate a chance to prove that he is aware of and sensitive to his environment. E.g. The education policy of India, Tourism in India, State of the aged in the nation.

Controversial Topics

Controversial topics are the ones that are argumentative in nature. They are meant to generate controversy. In Gds’ where these topics are given for discussion, the noise level is usually high, there may be tempers flying. The idea behind giving a topic like this is to see how much maturity the candidate is displaying by keeping his temper in check, by rationally and logically arguing his point of view without getting personal and emotional .E.g. Reservations should be removed, Women make better managers.

Abstract Topics

Abstract topics are about intangible things. These topics are not given often for discussion, but their possibility cannot be ruled out. These topics test your lateral thinking and creativity .E.g. A is an alphabet, Twinkle twinkle little star, The number 10.


  • Summarize all the Points which had been putup in the discussion and make a Agreed Goal.
  • Shake hand with Everybody Before you leave Discussion Room, Even Panelist.



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