Careers For the Modern Indian Woman | Career Guide for Upcoming Woman Graduates

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The sucess of women in modern india has opened the door to huge opportunities for the young student yoday. As education reaches larger and larger numbers, no longer are girls willing to take the back sear in their aspiration for higher Goals. At good School and college education is minimum demand of Modern young girls today. Not satisfies with the life of a housewife cooking, sewing and caring for children, young Women conscious of their Talents and interests – are ready to exploit them to the full.

At one time the only jobs suitable for girls were teaching, nursing, and possibly some creative fields like interior decoration. Today Girls want to be astronauts, investment bankers and corporate lawyers..

Here are ten Career Choices for the modern Indian Woman –

  • Computer Professional (IT)
  • BPO’s
  • Animation & Multimedia
  • Catering
  • Defence Services
  • Banking
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Corporate Communications
  • Psychologists / Counsellors
  • Optometry


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