Career after EEE

Career prospects or job opportunities after EEE

Career after EEE: Electrical engineering is one of the courses available in BTech( Bachelor of Technology). This particular branch of engineering has various applications in the field of electricity and electronics. The study involves learning about computers, and generation and transmission of electricity. For those willing to take up this course after graduation and for those who have finished their graduation in EEE, below is some information regarding the various career prospects and opportunities available for EEE graduates.

Short Term Courses for Electrical Engineering Students:

SL.NO Course University University Website
1 electronics: diodes, transistors, and op amps. Georgia Institute of Technology
2 Learn the Building Blocks for a Career in Robotics Penn Engineering
3 Robotics: Capstone University of Pennsylvania
4 Robotics: Estimation and Learning Penn Engineering
5 Power Electronics University of Colorado boulder
6 Introduction to Satellite Communications University of Colorado Boulder
7 Capstone Design Project in Power Electronics University of Colorado Boulder
8 Internet of Things Specialization. University of California, San Diego
9 Emerging Technologies Capstone Yonsei University
10 Quantitative Formal Modeling and Worst-Case Performance Analysis EIT Digital
11 Advanced Converter Control Techniques University of Colorado Boulder
12 Bioelectricity: A Quantitative Approach Duke University
13 Magnetics for Power Electronic Converters University of Colorado Boulder
14 Converter Circuits Colorado Boulder
15 Converter Control Colorado Boulder
16 MOS Transistors Columbia University
17 Linear Circuits 1: DC Analysis Georgia Institute of Technology
18 Digital Systems: From Logic Gates to the Processors Autonomous University of Barcelona
19 Building Arduino robots and devices Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Short Term Courses for EEE Students:

People who have knowledge on electrical engineering courses those can now join for short term courses after electrical engineering. Nowadays, there are a huge number of electrical engineering training courses are available, People who are looking to crack a job those should definitely know some extra skills such as they must know the at least one electrical engineering short courses after completion of their education.

Short Electrical Engineering Training Courses:

Job seekers who are looking for designing side those can join in electrical design courses, this is similar to the electrical design engineer courses. Job seekers should have the basic knowledge on Electrical Engineering Subjects. There are a huge number of training courses for electrical engineers are available in the current market, so people who are from EEE Stream and interested to join in EEE short term courses to get a job those can check out the tabular form which we have mentioned below.

Job oriented Courses for EEE Students:

There are a huge number of courses after B Tech is available, People who are from electronics course those can join in any Short ELectrical engineering training courses to crack the Job easily. additional courses for EEE students and also some professional courses for electrical engineers are available here. Check out the Below tabular form, we have listed out the courses after EEE engineering for all the job seekers.

Career prospects:

After the graduation, the candidates can either apply for a job or proceed to higher studies. The obvious M.E. and M.Tech can be taken up or if one wants to gain management skills one can pursue a master’s in business administration. An EEE graduate can also attend preparation classes or courses for exams like CAT, MAT, and GATE.

Job opportunities:

Electrical engineers are needed in almost every sector. Various government sectors like State Electricity Board can provide various opportunities for an Electrical Engineer and many other government organizations like the ones that follow can also provide employment opportunities for EEE graduates. Coal India Limited Bharat Dynamics Limited NMDC Limited Container Corporation of India Limited Indian Space Research Organization etc Various types of private industrial sectors can make use of adept electrical engineers.

These types of industries include the following:

Transportation Electronics Software Engineering Railway Automotive Marine Power Generation Robotics Electromechanical energy conversion Communications and many other Electrical engineers can also work in different power plants like thermal, atomic, hydro-electrical etc. And there is a great scope for electrical engineering in different private companies like the following: Spectrum Power Generation Limited HBL Power Station TATA Motors TATA Steels Bajaj Electricals limited ABB Siemens India Alston Crompton Greaves Limited Electrical engineers are also recruited by manufacturing firms worldwide like those in countries like Japan, Germany, Korea and the United States.


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