Best and Simple advices for an UPSC Aspirant

UPSC civil services examination has lured lakhs of students over the years and every year a mass participation of candidates is seen during the conduct of the exam all over the country. Obviously, it takes a lot of courage and planning to make up one’s mind to appear for this exam. The exam in real sense demands a kind of sacrifice of their social life from the aspirants. Let’s discuss the best and simple advices required for an upsc aspirant.

best and simple advices for an upsc aspirant

Every aspirant out there put in his hard work and dedication to crack the exam but sometime without a proper guidance, every move goes in vain. Students undoubtedly are full of courage and determination but these needs to be channelized into the right direction to reap the desirable benefits, So here we provided the best and simple advices for an upsc aspirant which helps him/her to crack upsc exam.

Qualities Of A New Aspirant

A new aspirant or a beginner, who enters the arena of civil services exam, is at his peak level of enthusiasm in the starting days. But, eventually, this goes on fading due to several factors which may be personal or due to any other reasons.

Let’s look at the aspect of beginner aspirants or newcomers :

  • Enthusiastic – this is the most valuable quality of beginners because this is the driving force for them during the initial stages of the preparation. Over the months, it is hard to maintain.
  • Zealous – a remarkable zeal is present in the aspirants to achieve something big in their life. This is driven either by the family factors or the social factors or a will within self.
  • Vulnerable – as a novice tourist in a foreign land is vulnerable to exploitation, so is the new aspirant in the land of competition. A myriad ways of preparation, coaching institutes flooding, study material related confusion, and much more may lead to aspirant ending up in a wrong direction.
  • Manipulative – every beginner wants to accumulate as much information as he could for his own benefit. But will the information end up being beneficial for him is a matter of time

No matter whether a student is a beginner or experienced, a right advice is never associated with a wrong timing. A right advice at any time is right. Every aspirant travels his journey as per his own experiences; some are sharable while others are not. Here, we will discuss some points which every aspirant should consider and work upon regularly to make their hard journey smooth.

Best and Simple Advices for an UPSC Aspirant

  • Make sure it’s your dream – some aspirants enter into the reparation due to peer pressure or any other reason. It is a kind request to all the students to choose this road only if it is your dream. Because, no one can fulfil other’s dream. You will work desperately and diligently only when you want it from your heart.
  • Stick to one standard source – do not feel confused by watching other people’s study materials. Every year toppers recommend their strategy for the preparation and sources. Kindly follow any one of them religiously and have faith in yourself and your study material.
  • Don’t be shy to ask – it is said that if you ask a question in class you may seem to be fool for a moment but if you don’t ask then you will be a fool for lifetime. It’s your right to ask every doubt to your teacher, parents, or friends. Seek help whenever you need to without thinking what other people will think about you.
  • Regularly assess your self – a common mistake committed by aspirants is the negligence of assessment. We all know we don’t have that fairy tale mirror which would always compliment us for our beauty but you have test series available. Obviously, it won’t belie you with false compliments but will show you the real performance and potential. Don’t be afraid to look at the results, be courageous to improve the over the time and practice answer writing and test series regularly.
  • Revise, Revise And Revise – this is the mantra to crack every exam. No matter how much you read, what matters in the end is what you remember in the exam hall. Don’t get lured by any new material and keep revising your standard sources of preparation. As the cream needs to be churned to get the butter, similarly, your memory needs to be churned regularly to make it firm.
Best and Simple Advices for an UPSC Aspirant
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Best and Simple Advices for an UPSC Aspirant
Crack UPSC in single attempt by following these best and simple advices required for an upsc aspirant in their upsc preparation journey

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