Asia’s 11 biggest IT companies

Most of us think US rules the technology landscape, courtesy companies like Apple, Microsoft, IBM and Google? While US has a fair share, Asia too is not behind. In the past many years, several Asian companies too have made their mark in the in the technology world.

Forbe’s annual Asia’s Fab 50, which comprises Asia-Pacific’s top 50 publicly-traded companies, is dominated by technology companies. These are the companies that have managed to thrive amid decelerating growth in Asia and almost non-existent growth in their US and European markets. The list is based on revenue, earnings, return on capital, share-price movements and outlook of these companies.

Company Founded Country Employee’s Total Sales
Baidu 2000 China 16,082 $2.2bn
Airtel 1995 India 20,892 $14bn 1995 Malaysia 2,077 $1.9bn
Digital China Holdings 2001 China 12,900 $9.1bn
HCL Technologies 1991 India 84,319 $3.8bn
Lenovo 1984 China 27,000 $29.6bn
NHN Corporation 1998 South Korea 2,623 $1.8bn
Quanta Computer 1988 Taiwan 108,872 $36.6bn
Samsung Electronics 1969 South Korea 23,501 $142.4bn
Tata Consultancy Services 1968 India 243,545 $9.6bn
 Tencent Holdings
1998 China 20,000 $4.5bn


Baidu is China’s largest internet search engine. Baidu recently has launched a mobile browser. The company also plans to invest in a cloud computing center as growth in internet use shifts to mobile phones.

Baidu is far ahead of Google in China. The company had 78.6 per cent share of Chinese search market in the second quarter of 2012, far ahead of second-place Google Inc with 15.7 per cent, according to rsearch company Analysys International.

Bharti Airtel

Bharti Airtel is India’s leading mobile phone company by revenue and subscribers. The company operates in three primary business segments: mobile services, telemedia services and enterprise services. The company has one of strongest balance sheet in Indian telecom sector. Though the company has gained subscribers from smaller rivals, lower average revenue per user (ARPU) continues to trouble the company.

In the previous quarter, the company’s total revenues were up by 14 per cent to Rs 19,350 crore in the quarter from Rs 16,975 crore in the first quarter ended June 30, marked by growth of 31.5 per cent in Africa and 44.2 per cent jump in mobile data revenues from India.

DiGi is a Malysia-based mobile communications company providing a comprehensive range wireless services. The company has an established presence as a leader in voice and data prepaid services. It offers services under DiGi Prepaid brand and DiGi Postpaid brand names.

Digital China Holdings

Digital China Holdings Limited is the China’s largest integrated IT services provider. Digital China provides end-to-end integrated IT services to customers that covers IT planning and consultation, design and implementation of software solutions, outsourcing of IT system operation and maintenance, systems integration, IT distribution and maintenance.

HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies is India’s fourth largest It company. The company’s operations comprises software services, infrastructure services, including sale of networking equipment and business processing outsourcing services. HCL Tech provides solutions across a range of verticals, such as financial services, manufacturing, public services and healthcare. The principal geographical segments include America, Europe and others.

Lenovo Group Limited

Lenovo Group Limited is a personal technology company spread across more than 160 countries. The company offers a range of commercial desktops to businesses of all sizes. Its products include laptops, tablets, desktops, workstations and servers. According to a recent Gartner release, the company is the no. 1 PC vendor in India. Recently, Lenovo beat Apple in the three months ending June for the second place in smartphone sales in China.

NHN Corporation

NHN Corporation the company that runs South Korea’s most widely used Web portal, Naver. The company also operates, and which target users from Japan and the United States. In January 2011, the company established a new wholly-owned subsidiary.

Quanta Computer

Quanta Computer is the world’s largest contract maker of notebook personal computers by revenue. The company designs and manufactures devices for companies such as Apple, Hewlett-Packard Co, Google and Inc. JP Morgan has forecasted Quanta’s revenue to rise 14 percent sequentially in the coming third quarter, while its notebook shipments to grow slowly at zero to 3 per cent, in line with the industry’s average of zero to 2 per cent.

Samsung Electronics

Next on technology company on the list is South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co. Samsung is South Korea’s biggest, most profitable and most globally recognised brand. Samsung Electronics is the flagship of Samsung Group, a family conglomerate that controls more than 80 companies that includes businesses like building oil tankers and apartment complexes, running hotels and amusement parks and consumer electronics.

The company recently lost patent battle to Apple in the US and has been asked to pay $1.05 billion in damages for violating Apple’s patents for iPhone and iPad.

Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS)

Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS)  is India’s top IT copmpany. In the previous quarter (Q2 FY 2012-13) TCS net profit grew by 6 per cent to Rs 2,301 crore over the year ago quarter. Revenues grew 25 per cent to Rs 11,633 crore over the year ago quarter as companies in North America and Europe continued to spend, despite worries of a sovereign default in some regions and a slowdown in others. The company closed 10 large deals of $100 millon or more during the second quarter, including from financial services clients, and is chasing 10 more such deals.


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