List of Courses After 10th in 2020

List of Courses after 10th in 2020: Here is the list of best course after 10th, Students those who are done with SSC exams and secured good marks in public exams are facing little bit confused about what to do After 10th / After SSLC.. There is a huge number of courses after 10th class available, so students those who are having a lot of doubts regarding education after 10th and list of courses after 10th standard can read this complete post. Students who are interested to know best courses after tenth standard can scroll down to know the complete list of courses after 10th standard.

Best Course after 10th

With the end of your school life, a new life will begin, This is the place where you need to take some important decisions. You need to have a passionate career plan for a clear way from your school life to a professional life. In this situation, if you don’t have a knowledge or you can’t choose your passionate career, you might end up in a career. And also this is the only place, where most students make wrong decisions by getting influenced by relatives through misinformation. Every Individual has a unique set of skills, strengths, and weaknesses, at the same time you need to know what you want to be and what makes you happy because it is very important to take a unique decision.

What to Study After 10th

This page has completely dedicated to career guidance after 10th standard. We have designed this post mainly because to support 10th standard students by providing After SSC Courses or after 10th courses list. Students those who have doubts about what to study after 10th and looking for after 10th courses chart can refer this post. Nowadays, there are a lot of computer courses after 10th and vocational courses after 10th are available for 10th class students.

After 10th Courses List

“The tenth class is a key step in student life and it is the way to successfully pass the student’s career. Tenth class students will have Intermediate, Polytechnic, ITI and various courses like Inter-Science (MPC / BIPC) and Commerce (CEC / MEC Humanities / Arts (HEC).. There are three main divisions After 10th Courses List there are:
Higher education opportunities available to students:

Also Suggested What After Degree Education


HEC etc


Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Auto Mobile
Computer Engineering etc


Instrument Mechanic
Computer Operator
Programming Assistant etc

Career options after 10th in Commerce

After 10th Courses List: Commerce CEC students are studying e-commerce, economics, civics and subjects as part of the two year intermediate course. In fact, B.Com course is an important way for higher education for CEI students. Bachelor career can be followed by studying job guarantee commerce professional courses such as Chartered Accountancy, Cost Apprentice, Company Secretary. Complete e-commerce professional courses can help companies acquire white collar jobs such as internal auditors, stock auditors, financial managers, assistant company’s securities. The CEC students can join the MBA at the PG level after completing B.Com Degree. It is also possible to reach the entrance level at the PG level.

Commerce CEC / MEC to Commerce Career

In recent years, there are different specializations available in B.Com and M.Com. Students who wish to get accounting in the field can fulfill this goal through MBA Finance Specialization. IIMs and other leading Management Institutes will have to pass the MBA, CAT, MAT, Seamat and other entrance examinations. Passing in Bachelor’s Degree qualification to pass MBA in Colleges and Colleges in Telugu level The MEC Group, which has mathematics, economics and commerce group subjects, has been growing in recent times. If you have passed the intermediate with this group … Mathematics can be found in the BSc course that is available as an arts group (career options after 10th in arts).

Commerce courses after 10th

Intermediate CEC / MEC Students Convention | BA courses can also be studied along with you. Along with these, you can reach the Law course. Competitive exams are the best.

After Tenth courses

HEC Intermediate students completed You can join the BA degree level. In recent years, BA degree is becoming increasingly popular in the job market demand. There are new combinations in BP. Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication can be a good choice for media in the field. As well as students in specializing in their interest If BA completes, the Bachelor’s Degree can be maintained in the relevant field of career. The most attractive course for Intermediate HEC students is BA LLB through the Common Law Admission Test, which operates at the national level Law School with an intermediate timeline. Those who have completed this course in leading law universities are getting jobs in corporate companies.

  • HEC students completed BA at PG level MA, MBA, and other courses.
  • A grip on History, Economics, Civics (HEC)
  • Expert opinion is that it can be easily achieved in job competitive examinations such as civil and gypsies.

Diploma Admission After 10th – Polytechnic courses

Obtaining technical education with a tenth grade qualification
Polytechnic courses offer a way to a stable career. For admission to three-year / three-year polytechnic courses, the State Board of Technical Education of the Telugu State of India will attend the POLYCET (Polytechnic Common Entrance Test) annually. Notification for AP POLYCET and TS POLYCET was released this year. Polytechnic courses are a good way for anyone who thinks financial difficulties cannot be allocated for a long time. Require six years to complete the B.Tech course after the tenth class.

After 10th Diploma Courses List

The engineering diploma in the same polytechnic course for three years / Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics .. Three years Diploma Courses such as Automobile, (computer courses after 10th ) Computer Engineering, IT, Mining and Instrumentation is available for three and a half courses including Metallurgical Engineering and Chemical Engineering. These include Garment Technology, Craft Technology, Leather Technology, Footwear Technology, Textile Technology, Ceramic Technology etc.

  • Complete Polytechnic Courses Complete jobs in both public and private sectors can be found in self employment opportunities.
  • In related industries according to the reading branch
    Supervisor level can own jobs. Companies are preferred with the intention of having more practical skills for diploma candidates. Students completing the polytechnic diploma .. Entry into the Engineering Common Entrance Test (E-Set) can be entered directly in the second year of the in the lateral entry system.

Vocational Courses After 10th

  • Higher education for students in intermediate, high quality courses in vocational courses. Those completing these courses will have higher education, job opportunities, and self-employment.
  • Currently, there are 27 different types of vocational courses available in two Telugu states, including Agriculture, Business & Commerce, Engineering and Technology, Home Science, and Para Medical Departments. By completing the self-employment opportunities in the fields of engineering and technology in the automobile field may not provide ..
  • Engineering Technician, Computer Science, and Engineering, Electronics Engineering Technician, Electrical wiring and servicing of electrical appliances, Rural Engineering Technician courses, completion of any entrance tests .. directly without the need for a branch of the Polytechnic second year.
  • Residential Jr. Colleges) – Intermediate Course in Telugu Schools is the best way for enthusiasts .. Residential junior colleges. Two Telugu states set special sets (TSRJC sets, APRJC sets) for entry in. If you have passed the examination and completed the course, you will be able to prepare students for EAMCET, CA CPT and other entrance exams.

Education After 10th – ITI

  • Two years after less than two years
    ITI (Industrial Training Institute) which offers the opportunity to master the technical education. ITI’s within the National Council of Vocational Training has a range of tens of two years of annual engineering, fitter, refrigerator air conditioning, and year-round arrays.
  • Initiatives in ITI courses are usually issued in April. Regional vocational training councils in admission to the National Council of Vocational Training will conduct admission procedures.
  • Hundreds of ITIs have been set up in the government and private sector in two Telugu states.
  • After completion of the ITI, technicians in the entrepreneurship level can enter the industry. Similarly, if you have an Apprenticeship Certificate with an endorsement by completing the promotion, you will get more priority in your job.

In pursuit of interest. “Students who are completing the course should be given preference to their personal interest and interest in the future aspect. By completing the tenth class, there is no psychological maturity of students at the level of expecting future goals.

So parents should talk to their children and know their interest. Because the parents look after the children in real life and care about the things in real life, they need to know about the availabilities “


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