PHP – PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor | Introduction

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PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. 

PHP is a Scripting Language. PHP is a Recursive Acronym which stands for “PHP : Hypertext Preprocessor” Where again PHP Stands for Personal Homepage.  A Programming Language is an artificial language used to express computations that can be performed with a Machine Particularly a “Computer”. A Scripting Language Applications does not need to be Pre-compiled.

PHP is used for Developing three types of Applications:
  1. Command Line Scripting
  2. Desktop / GUI Based Applications
  3. Web Applications

The Main Purpose of PHP is to develop a Web Application. A Web Application is a Request-Response Mechanism or Client-Server Methodology. Programs present in the Client Machine to send the request to the server and also to get the Response from server is known as Client Side Programs Ex: Browsers . Programs Present in the Server Machine to Receive request from Client is known as Server Side Applications Ex: ASP, JSP etc…

PHP is mainly used for Developing server side Applications like ASP(.net), JSP(Java) etc.. PHP Applications can be Deployed in most of the Web Servers like IIS (Internet Information Services), Apache, Personal Web server etc..

A Web Server is an Application running on Server Machine which is capable of receiving clients request. Every Web Server is identified with a Port. PHP Scripts gets executed in server side similar to ASP.

PHP can work with Most of the Database Servers. PHP is Open Source, that Means it can be downloaded and used free of Cost.


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